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Music Stand Top 10 Rankings
Musicians can’t do their jobs without this pedestal or elevated rack known as music stand. It is designed to hold in the proper position paper score or sheets of music for reading while playing a musical instrument. It can be elevated or lowered to accommodate the height of the user. […]

Music Stand Top 10 Rankings

Ocarina Buying Guide
Easiest and Perfect Instrument Affordable, versatile and very easy to play. You can play an ocarina and produce a beautiful sound in no time. Ocarinas are loved by both aspiring and professional musicians because of their unique qualities that produce a good music. What’s more? Ocarinas can meld well with […]

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Ocarina Top 10 Rankings
Ocarina is a time-honored musical instrument which is of particular importance in Mesoamerican and Chinese cultures. Variations in styles, shapes and numbers of holes of ocarinas exist. Numerous brands and makers have been producing ocarina with slides and keys in order to expand the wind musical instrument’s range since 19th […]

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Meinl HCAJ3NT Cajons
The Art of Music Since its early beginnings, cajon does not change all that much which is built with bass tones, adjustable snare and amplification made from plywood construction. The cajon can produce different sounds by simply tapping or beating on the different parts of its front surface. Anyone can […]

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Meinl SUBCAJ5WN Cajons
Cajons are wooden boxes played as drums. The term ‘cajon’ is a Spanish origin means box or drawer. Cajon is made with thin wood on one side, thicker layer of plywood to the other sides and the top and its back contains the sound hole enabling the front surface to […]

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Trumpets are unique, distinct instruments designed to bring you an outstanding set of features and at the same time they are also very easy to use. Plus, with their unique sound, people are able to create beautiful songs that take the overall audio experience to the next level. So yes, […]

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PLCEO MUS270471 Harmonicas
Rich Musical History Harmonicas have long history tracing back a thousand years ago in China. The instrument was popularly known as Sheng which became a prominent musical instrument in Asian culture and traditional music. It was later introduced in 18th century in Europe where further developments of harmonica were created. […]

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