Musical Instruments

Mandolin Buying Guide
  About mandolins The mandolin, literally small mandola, was first brought to the U.S. by immigrants for playing classical and folk music. Mandolins have wood body and other parts including: binding, bridge, fingerboard, frets, headstock, nuts, posts, strings, sound holes, tailpiece, the neck and tuners. Mandolin comes in many designs […]

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MIDI Controller Buying Guide
  Keyboard first MIDI controller and keyboard are one computer setup and together makes beautiful music. Velocity sensitive MIDI keyboard plays varied notes louder or fainter. A mouse can be a substitute but for making music and doing multiple things at once, you need a controller. A controller can mean […]

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Ocarina Buying Guide
  Easiest and Perfect Instrument Affordable, versatile and very easy to play. You can play an ocarina and produce a beautiful sound in no time. Ocarinas are loved by both aspiring and professional musicians because of their unique qualities that produce a good music. What’s more? Ocarinas can meld well […]

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Electric Guitar String Buying Guide
  The Musician’s Gear An electric guitar string is manufactured in wide range of gauges and thickness. String gauge and thickness may have a huge influence on the guitar’s overall sound and play-ability. Therefore, a guitar string is one simple yet very important component to consider when playing a guitar […]

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