Electric Guitar String Buying Guide

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The Musician’s Gear

An electric guitar string is manufactured in wide range of gauges and thickness. String gauge and thickness may have a huge influence on the guitar’s overall sound and play-ability. Therefore, a guitar string is one simple yet very important component to consider when playing a guitar instrument.


Light string gauge can mean less volume but allows easy fretting and bending of notes. Meanwhile, heavy string gauge may result to difficulty in playing and may require more pressure to bend notes and fret. The lightest gauge string is .008 while the heaviest is .56.


Thicker strings, on the other hand, may produce the lowest-pitched notes so in order to define the appropriate thickness and gauge of your electric guitar string; you should look at several components including your music genre, playing style and sound character you desire to achieve.


Making a Musical Difference

Just like any other products in the market today, you can find an array of options when shopping for a bass string. Well-known and respected brands such as Fender and Gibson manufacture bass string with a variety of gauges, thickness and materials. Many assume that electric guitar strings are all the same and are created equally.


However, those who have tried a wide range of strings would definitely shake their heads. Some brands have twangier and brighter sounds while others are coated with excellent quality material to make them last longer. So, how do you find the right electric guitar strings that match your requirements? Here are the things you may want to consider if you haven’t decided on a set to purchase.


Quality and Dependability

Tone, intonation, reliability and play-ability should include on your top criteria when choosing the right set of electric guitar string to purchase. Tone must be your number one consideration especially if you are a serious musician. As previously mentioned, your electric guitar strings can make a huge difference on your play-ability so the right set should allow you to enjoy playing your favorite musical instrument and it should be able to produce the notes, pitch and sound that you are trying to achieve.


Reliability has something to do with the string’s overall quality. Find a string set that does not only deliver consistent result but also allows you to play and enjoy your guitar for a lifetime.


While you may already have received recommendations of an ideal string set to purchase, it is worth reminding yourself that there are plenty of quality options out there that can suit your needs and budget.


If you are considering investing on quality materials and different coating, be prepared to spend a little more for a string set. Strings can be made of different quality material including cobalt, copper-plated steel, stainless steel, chrome and titanium. All have their own unique properties and distinct price tags in the market.


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