Tablet Keyboard Buying Guide

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Why buy tablet keyboard?

1. To improved productivity – The first reason is to be able to type better. If you want to get real work done on your tablet, and you want it to be done fast, get a tab keyboard.


2. For better control of tablet – Keyboards make controlling tablet much easier. Most keyboards include special keys for home and back that will help you navigate your tablet OS by just pushing a button.


3. Comfort enhancement – With a keyboard, you can comfortably work over longer periods of time in your tablet. The fact that your wrist and hand aren’t always elevated and in motion will help you use your tablet over longer periods.


A productivity powerhouse: keyboard

The best invented tool for texting is the keyboard; over the years, you see its transformation from typewriters, desktops, and tablets. That’s why you use a physical set of create lots of contents.


Double life of a tablet with keyboard

The benefits or conveniences of using keyboard could not be discounted. The keyboard with tablet is referred to as “two-in-one” or just “hybrids” or “two-in-ones”. This device leads a double life. It appeased the business professionals, students and those who want more PC capabilities found in a portable and more affordable package.


Features to consider when choosing bluetooth keyboard for tablet

Consider its size and compatibility. A full-size keyboard is great for tablets and computers, but for portability a mini-keyboard is preferred. What will be the purpose of the keyboard? Is it to play games, type emails, and writing school or work documents? You’ll also want to consider the key layout.


The key mechanism can either be lower or raise; the keys themselves can give a different feel to the keyboard.
Finally, you’ll want to make sure that bluetooth keyboard for tablet keyboard is well-built and strong enough to last at least a few years.


Steps to follow in connecting tablet to a wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboard for tablet uses the Bluetooth, a wireless technology having a short range of only about 30 feet. In most cases, you can prepare to connect wireless keyboard for tablet by simply turning the keyboard off, then turning it on again while it is close to the tablet.


For Apple iPad

Step 1 – Turn on the keyboard and put it in discovery mode. Place it near the iPad.
Step 2 – Tap the “Settings” icon, and then tap “General.” Tap “Bluetooth” if it is in the off position. Tap the “On/Off” switch to turn it on.
Step 3 – Choose the wireless keyboard when it appears on the screen. Enter a passkey for the keyboard if prompted. Watch the screen until the Bluetooth icon with keyboard name appears.


BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

Step 1 – Turn on the Bluetooth keyboard and put it in discovery mode before placing it near the tablet.
Step 2 – Tap the “Settings” icon on the tablet status bar, and then tap “Bluetooth.” Tap the “Bluetooth” switch to choose the “On” position. Tap “Add New Device,” then select “Search.”
Step 3 – The keyboard will appear after a few seconds. If prompted, press enter board passkey.


Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android)

Step 1- You turn on the wireless keyboard and put under discovery mode. Set beside the tablet.
Step 2 – Navigate to the Home screen. Press the “Menu Key,” then select “Settings.” Tap “Wireless and Network,” then “Bluetooth Settings.”
Step 3 – Tap “Bluetooth” to turn it on, then tap “Scan Devices.” Select the keyboard by tapping it. Enter the passkey if prompted.


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