Saffron Spice Buying Guide

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What is Saffron Spice

Saffron spice is produced from the stigma of a saffron flower, which is later cut off from their white styles before they are dried using heat. Numerous countries, from Kashmir and Iran to Italy and Spain, import spice. Saffron spice can either come in the form of Saffron threads or saffron powder.

From treating insomnia and heart issues to digestive issues, there’s no ailment saffron spice cannot treat. Given the number of countries that produce and import it, there are numerous saffron spice brands to choose from. If you are a health enthusiast or enjoy the fragrance and taste that comes with using the spice, below are a few brands that you should consider.


Quality Saffron Spices

It’s no secret that their cheap imitation of saffron spices or saffron threads that are flooding the market. To help you have a selection of the real high-quality saffron spice, we’ve compiled only the top best.

Pure Spanish saffron spice, as the name suggests, is imported from Spain. The best known saffron threads imported from Spain are known as La Mancha. The spice is superbly fresh and maintains an intense flavor. It’s 100% saffron spice without any preservatives or additives, hence its rich taste and ability to last long.

Other La Mancha saffron spices often produced and imported from Spain include Princess de Minaya, Delitaliana, Kiva Gourmet.

Iran, known as the most important country in producing saffron spice, imports what is said to be the finest quality the world over. If you’re a fan of Iranian saffron spice or threads, Zaran would be there best yet. Boasting a rich red color, this spice can be used in food such as desserts and even tea.

Their rich taste is largely attributed to the fact that they are 100% in nature. No additives or preservatives are used, enabling the spice to maintain its original taste. Other Persian Saffron spice brands include Golden Saffron, Lidoma Saffron and Mazaeus Saffron spice.

There are companies that have taken to manufacturing Saffron spices in the form of capsules. If you prefer to simply take saffron as a supplement, without having to mix it in water or food, capsules would be your best option. Brands such as Swanson cater to such a market.

Whichever form you choose, you want to stick to the top countries that are known for producing quality saffron spice. Among the top two would be Iran and Spain. If you stick with saffron spices produced by the above two mentioned countries, you are less likely to be disappointed,


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