USB Flash Drive Buying Guide

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Getting to know a flash drive

Every household with internet must own a flash drive to facilitate computer tasks. This tiny device has a corresponding small printed circuit board that carries both the circuit element and USB connector. It is insulating electrically and protecting inside a case made either or plastic, metal, or rubber.


Thumb drive is normally tiny and easily carried inside a pocket or even attached to a key chain. Although it is not easily damaged but you can protect it with a cap or retracting into the body of the drive.


Flash drives and USB Connections

Some flash drives utilize a USB standard A connection type that can make connection into a personal computer port; however, other interfaces from other drives exist. Via USB connection, the flash drive power of USB is sourced from the computer. In some devices, USB flash storage has portable media player. Battery is required only when it is used to play music.


Flash drive and memory stick

USB drive and usb memory stick are one and the same. They store data from any given sources and the data permanently remain available until they are deleted. Memory Stick developed by Sony is a digital data storage technology that is raised up to 10 times the storage capacity of a 3.5 diskette.


It is an innovative way of sharing and transferring pictures, sounds, and other data between different compact electronic devices like in a digital camera and camcorder. It is like the as size of a flat AA battery. When compared with storage data devices, memory stick is smaller but it still includes smart media and compact flash memory.


You should buy a USB stick to..

  • To have all emergency information and current project files on hand when needed.
  • To keep browser as well as other program settings for secured use on any other USB port in the computer.
  • To troubleshoot computer problems for needed repairs.
  • To facilitate Windows to run faster.
  • To operate another operating system without any change made on hard drive.


Best features of USB flash drive to buy

The best USB memory stick has transfer speed that’s impressive, great storage space and smart elegant design. Sliding mechanism is excellent to avoid damage and the keychain clip will be very convenient. Long warranty period should be included. Drives with aluminum metal casing speaks durability. Lastly waterproof feature can be the finishing stroke.


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