Altimeter Buying Guide
Fundamental Flight Device Flying an aircraft is a critical operation. By using altimeters, pilots can measure the altitude or your height above sea level to ensure flight safety and fly airplanes more efficiently especially on bad weather conditions.   For example, Mount Everest has approximately 5.5 miles altitude and flying […]

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Altimeter is a basic flight instrument that measures the height above sea level or altitude. Altimeters are commonly used by pilots to fly aircraft more efficiently at high altitude and overcome air resistance. Inside an altimeter’s casing is the set of three sealed aneroid wafers that have the ability to […]

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Bowling Ball Top 10 Rankings
Bowling ball is an essential piece of sporting equipment in the sports of bowling. Bowling balls maintain the required properties such as number of holes, hardness and size for hitting bowling pins and competitive play. Bowling balls use the key properties of mass distribution, friction and porosity that affect its […]

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Bulletin Board Buying Guide
Showcase your Creativity In 1801, a geography teacher in Scotland named James Pillans developed the first modern blackboard. Meanwhile, a patent of cork bulletin board was first issued in 1924 by George Brooks and since then, this patent has been a mainstay in offices, universities and homes around the world. […]

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Bulletin Board Top 10 Rankings
Bulletin boards also known as notice boards or pin boards are typically made from cork to post public messages. They are commonly used to provide information, advertise items and announce events in different settings such as the universities and offices. Today, bulletin boards are made from magnetic construction as popular […]

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Breathalyzer Buying Guide
Get Home Safely Breathalyzers are devices used to determine and estimate the BAC from breath samples. Breath testing devices were first invented use by officers in 1940 while Breathalyzer was developed Dr. Robert Borkenstein and this breath alcohol testing device is widely used by many law enforcement agencies nowadays.   […]

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Breathalyzer is a type of breath alcohol testing device commonly used by officers in determining the BAC or blood alcohol concentration in a person. Breathalyzer use chemical reactions involving alcohol that produce the color change. They typically include two glass vials and two systems for breath sample and photocells connected […]

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Air Hockey Table Top 10 Rankings
Air hockey tables are low friction tables where players can play against each other in an air hockey game. They have similar appearance of pool tables but they have distinctive playing surface. An air hockey table is built with smooth surface, a table fan underneath and jets that create the […]

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Briefcase Buying Guide
Quality that Improves with Age Briefcases made from quality leather and feature roomy interiors are important factors for people who carry their documents and laptops every day. When a briefcase is chosen properly, it goes beyond the basic purpose as a carrying container for your important documents and devices. A […]

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Briefcase Top 10 Rankings
Briefcases are special folders that are typically made from leather material used to carry papers, documents and books. These simple, flat and rectangular containers support straightforward two-way file synchronization. Today, the briefcase market presents a wide range of styles, brands and prices for every need.   We announce latest rankings […]

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