Teeth Grinding Protector Buying Guide

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Why Teeth Grinding Protectors are needed by people?

Bruxism, a medical term, for grinding and clenching of jaws. Many people grind and clench their jaws without even realizing that they are doing it. Teeth grinding damages the outer protective layer of the teeth, known as enamel which is damaged if the has Bruxism.

Wearing teeth grinding protectors at night does not make the breathing difficult for a person which is often the concern of many users.


Types of mouth guard

There are three types of mouth guard available based on the need and requirement of the user.


Stock Mouth Protectors

They are cheap, readily available at sports goods, and are ready to wear. They are also bulky and make simple things such as talking and even breathing very difficult.

As they come ready to wear, there cannot be adjusted or fitted according to your own size. Dentists do not recommend the use of stock mouth protectors as they provide little to no protection to teeth.


Boil and Bite Mouth Protectors

Even though these protectors can also be found at various sports goods shops because they come ready to wear but they offer better fitting and protection as compared to stock mouth protectors. As the name suggests, ‘Boil and Bite’, these protectors are made of thermoplastic material.

They are placed in hot water to make them soft, then placed in the mouth and pressed with finger and tongue to shape them according to jaw fit.


Custom-Fitted Mouth Protectors

This teeth protectors are made in professional laboratories on dentist’s instructions. They are designed and made according to the user’s exact jaw size. A jaw impression is made by the dentist and then the protector is molded into the impression. This type of protector is most comfortable and expensive.


How Teeth Grinding Protectors are helpful for users?

Teeth grinding and clenching not only damages the teeth but also affects the sleep depriving the person of proper sleep. With teeth grinding protectors, the individual’s sleep is also improved.

Sleep deprivation often results in morning headaches and the person who grinds teeth is highly likely to suffer from morning headaches. With improved sleep, protectors help a person with morning headaches
Continuous clenching and grinding of teeth cause pain in jaws along with the constant damage.

Grinding protectors not only help prevent further damage the the teeth and jaws overall but prevent jaw aches as well.

As mentioned above, grinding damages the outer protective layer of teeth. The damaged enamel, various dental problems tend to rise. They include a cavity, damage to crowns, etc.


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