Cuticle Care Buying Guide

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Cuticles work as the natural barrier to bacteria and fungus. They are like the small goalies that stop the bad stuff from getting into the nail bed and also stop anything from causing infection. However, in case you break this barrier, it becomes ragged and inflamed, resulting in infection that may damage your nails permanently. Bear in mind, never to cut them!


Cuticle care

The very first step to cuticle care begins with removing the nail polish. Using a remover of nail polish helps to remove the nail polish traces, without any trouble. The next immediate step of cuticle care is to apply cuticle remover. This helps in massaging and moisturizing the dead skin cells or dry cuticles. It offers the nail a radiant, even, and smooth finish so that the skin’s suppleness is improved.

The finishing up is done by moisturizing the cuticles. This can be done by applying cuticle oil such as almond cuticle oil on your cuticles. This oil helps in conditioning your nails and cuticles.


How does cuticle oil help?

Cuticle oil is good for your cuticles and nails as it is a moisturizing product. The cuticle oil is made up of vegetable oils and it contains citric acid and vitamins sometimes. Cuticles are exposed to sun, excessive cold, salty, chlorine or soapy water that it can become cracked, chapped, and dry. In extreme damage and dryness, it is cuticle oil that helps moisturizing and restoring your nail and cuticles back to health.

Applying cuticle oil increases circulation and stimulates nail growth. It also protects your cuticle and nail against trauma. This oil helps in improving the appearance and health of your nail.


Benefits of cuticle cream

Using cuticle cream prevents accidental damage as it keeps the nail folds and the cuticles healthy. Cuticle cream is emollient meaning it works as a lubricant making the skin more pliable and softer.


What is nail oil?

Nail oil is available in a bottle and it is used as you apply a nail polish. The nail oil protects the nails, skin and maintains healthy cuticles. The majority of nail oils are made using ingredients such as Vitamin E, seed soil some form, and a little of evening primrose oil.


Benefits of nail oil

Using nail oil is best for everyone, regardless of whether a person wears artificial enhancement or has bare nails. It is crucial to use a nail oil, especially if you are planning to wear artificial enhancement such as acrylic nails. The nail oil will stop the enhancements from cracking, drying out and chipping.


Nail oil keeps the shine of your nail and looks all time healthiest.

The nail oil ingredients bring moisture that you loose on wearing products such as Shellac or nail polish and it also moisturizes the skin and the cuticles. As the cuticles get nourished, the nail bed offers the longer nails look.

There is a need to consider after care advice. You must use nail oil two or three times a day so that the oil provides the nail with moisture and owing to good moisturizing, the nail ridges are never visible.

Another biggest advantage of using nail oil is that it offers flexibility and strength to the nails. Nail oil is ideal for anyone with weak nails as this oil strengthens the nails. Using nail oil even if your nails are strong ensures your nails stay stronger even if you accidentally knock them.

The flexibility that the oil gives the nails offers more endurance while performing everyday jobs. The nails flexibility cannot be seen as the oil works to prevent splitting or chipping of nails.



The nail oils ingredients are of importance to ensure healthy nails. Jojoba seed oil is one if the best natural oils penetrating into your natural nail such that it moisturizes and conditions the nail. It acts as a carrier to increase the nail penetration. Jojoba oil passes as a small molecule through the nail bed.

Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals, softens the area and prevents premature signs of ageing on your hands. Sweet almond oil is the main ingredient that moisturizes and softens the cuticles, nails, and surrounding skin.


Directions of use

Apply using a brush that comes in the bottle. Generously paint on the cuticle area and massage the nail using your fingers around the cuticle, nail, and surrounding skin. Massaging increases circulation to nails and fingers, promoting growth. It is important for everyone to use nail oil to ensure healthy nails.


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