Car Air Freshener Buying Guide

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How strong should the smell be?

If you like the car smell extra nice to the point that the smell is prevalent throughout the car, you should choose an attachment to the AC. For a subtle fragrance, you can pick the purifying bag that will slowly spread the car scent around, concentrated wherever you put it. The spray is ideal if you only need to get rid of another smell, or if you are putting it up as a courtesy to someone. You can also hang car freshener pads on the back of the seats to make sure the smell spreads throughout the car.


What kind of items can you use?

There are essentially three types of items that you can use for a better car scent. These are items that you will hang, strap on, attach and spray. Hanging items generally come in the form of purifying bags or scent strips. These will spread their aroma slowly as they shake when the car moves.

Strap on items are usually stuck to the back of the seats or to the roof of the car, behind the backseat etc. These are designed to act as a car freshener focused in certain places. Attachments should be placed on the air conditioning vent, releasing a steady amount of car freshener into the vehicle.

Car deodorizer sprays are great if you need to cover up a smell. It also helps you distribute the fragrance in a way that is convenient for you. The best thing about car deodorizer sprays is that you can choose how much or how little to use. If you do not like overpowering aromas, this is an ideal option for you.


What fragrances are available?

A large range of car scents are up for sale. From the standard lavender to synthetic fragrances and even things as offbeat as activated bamboo charcoal. These will provide long lasting and pleasant aromas in your car as you drive around.

Some of them even come without a powerful scent, with a greater focus on deodorizing the car than making it smell good. While there will still be some kind of smell, the emphasis is on neutrality.


Designs and aesthetics

You can get your air fresheners in attractive forms. There are pretty jute bags, hanging trees, and sleek button like items that you can put around your car. These come in different attractive colors which you can match to your car interiors.


How much does it cost

Car fresheners can cost between USD 5 and USD 30 depending on what kind of items and designs you are buying. If all you need is a slightly more presentable car, you can get everything you need within a $15 budget.


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