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Surge Protector Buying Guide
When and where do common surges happen? Transients are sometimes the cause of broken power lines, strikes from lightning or circuit breakers tripping. They also affect the on/off cycles of large appliances and tools or the results of company’s power accidents and malfunctions of the electrical grid.   Before buying, […]

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Desk Lamp Buying Guide
Find the advantage of owning a desk lamp Generations ago, only candles or grease lamps were used for illumination. You can probably imagine Mary Todd Lincoln welcoming President Abe’s guests in a well candle-lighted reception room in the White House? Today there are many types of lamps are to lighten […]

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Fire Extinguisher Buying Guide
It is limited in use but effective Fire extinguishers are required by law in all public & private buildings, as well as in almost all homes. Small fire extinguisher for home-use is not adequately designed to contain huge or spreading fires. Bigger conflagrations are best left to the hands of […]

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Spotting Scope Buying Guide
Magnification Power and Zoom Lenses Spotting scopes are designed to capture medium range focus; you will often find them with magnification power falling somewhere between 15x and 60x. You can change their magnification power either by using interchangeable fixed length eyepieces or with the help of single zoom eyepiece. When […]

Spotting Scope Buying Guide