Pest Control Trap Buying Guide

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Control Trap for Rodents

When you have countered rodents, there are two efficient products i.e baits and traps that can be used to get rid of the rodents. Baits have poison to kill the rodents and so should be used in an environment where there are no or fewer chances of interruption by the pets or children.

Even though baits can only be used in areas with no children and pets, it has an advantage over traps. You get the mental satisfaction of rodent leaving and dying outside your territory. Common rodent traps used


  • Bait Station: They include the use of bait blocks and so can be used in limited environments
  • Glue Trap is a small strip which captures the rodents once they step on it
  • Snap Trap uses baits. Bait block is placed on it like food and traps the rodent once it gets there to take the food
  • Multiple Catch Trap catches multiple mice without killing them. They can later be released outside.


Control Traps for Bed Bug

Next, there are Bed bugs. Bed bugs are not only a major concern for house owners but also for the individuals who are in hospitality services. Bed bug infestation is known to have several effects on an individual’s health and the environment overall.

One of the main methods to control bed bug infestation is the use of mattress encasement covers. There is a variety of mattress encasement available in the market which claims to be bed bug proof. Just because they mentioned so, doesn’t mean they really are.

When buying a mattress encasement, make sure to look for features which include: Bite-proof, Escape-proof, Zipper type, zipper-end stop, and the material.


Control Traps for Insects

Lastly, there are insect traps. Insects are common intruders in our homes. They can either be crawling insects or flying insects. In any case, there is a chance of you dealing with unhygienic and painful danger. These insects include flies, cockroaches, wasps, and many others.


Glue Board

It is a small strip normally coated with an adhesive to attract insects. It is free of poison and so is safe to be used in a house with kids and pets. Glue strips contain scent of a fruit or flower for attracting insects.


Light Trap

It is an encasement which has UV light bulbs to attract bugs.



Zappers have light bulbs to lure insects into a trap. They contain electrically-charge grid which results in exploding of insects once they fly too near the grid.



Chemicals are one of the most common insect traps used in homes. They can be used in forms of spray, fog, and powder. Chemicals are known to be effective as they provide fast and long-term results.


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