Tire Pressure Gauge Buying Guide

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“Must buy” for drivers

Drivers must buy a tire pressure gauge to keep proper inflation of tires. This easy maintained chore is vital to your safety. With very little air pressure, repercussion on tires can be very serious. Tires wear faster and unevenly, fuel is wasted and the vehicle is negatively impacted. To be sure that reading is accurate; park your car three or four hours before checking the tire pressure.


Will it be slick, digital or dial?

Three types of tire-pressure gauges to reveal condition of the vehicle’s tire:

  • Stick gauges are like ballpoint pen. They are affordable, compact and simple to use; however; they amore difficult to interpret than other gauges.

  • Digital tire gauge has an electronic LCD display and like a pocket calculator that is easy to read. It is resistant to damage from dust and dirt. On the negative side, digital gauges are bulkier and need batteries. Although, batteries long lasting but will eventually need to be replaced.

  • Dial gauges have analog dials that like a clock’s face with single and simple needle to determine the pressure. Dial gauges are easy on the eye but there are models with extension hose that requires both hands to operate. They are also bulkier and typically more expensive than the other type.


Either check your tire pressure or lose money

Tire gauges showed the best tire performance of gauges and are proven more economical. Its durability is proved and performance designed caters to the needs of their vehicles. It avoids sidewall flexing and tire squirm as well as heat buildup and potential rolling hazards. It is great in stabilizing the structure of the tire by blending the tire’s handling, responsiveness and traction. Tire gauges optimize tire performance and are more economical. It improves durability and performance designed to match the needs of their vehicles.


The best air pressure gauges are known for

Durability determines your decision to buy or not. Durability is long-lasting so you should never buy a tire pressure gauge that does not look durable. You will be dissatisfied as items that are not durable will surely break down after only a few uses. There are brands that are well-known for their durability.


Features – You would prefer a digital tire gauge that has various settings and functions, or simply an accurate pressure gauge that simply does one thing well. Note of the useful features found on the pressure gauge. Before purchasing a pressure gauge, check if it is worth the cost. There is a digital tire gauge that has multiple settings and various functions, or you may simply want a simple one that is accurate and simply does one thing well.


Cost always matters in your shopping. You should not spend money on pressure gauges that are worthless, check it out if it meets your criteria. Still it is a fact that in almost everything, the more expensive, the higher the quality.


Safekeeping tip

The most convenient place to keep a pressure gauge is inside a foam-lined case and at room temperature. To maintain its accuracy, it should not be left inside the glove compartment to bounce around. Old, worn, and dirty gauges are no longer reliable; it is time to replace them for a new one.


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