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Breathalyzer Buying Guide
Get Home Safely Breathalyzers are devices used to determine and estimate the BAC from breath samples. Breath testing devices were first invented use by officers in 1940 while Breathalyzer was developed Dr. Robert Borkenstein and this breath alcohol testing device is widely used by many law enforcement agencies nowadays.   […]

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Breathalyzer Top 10 Rankings
Breathalyzer is a type of breath alcohol testing device commonly used by officers in determining the BAC or blood alcohol concentration in a person. Breathalyzer use chemical reactions involving alcohol that produce the color change. They typically include two glass vials and two systems for breath sample and photocells connected […]

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Balance Board Top 10 Rankings
Balance boards are used for balance training, recreation and athletic training. The benefits of balance boards are also widely recognized in therapy and different types of personal development training. A balance board typically features a circular platform which is attached into a domed side.   We announce latest rankings of […]

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Beard Trimmer Top 10 Rankings
Beard trimmer is quintessential device in a man’s beard maintenance routine and grooming kit. A beard trimmer is designed to trim mindscapes or fade your facial hair making your beard look sharp in no time. Today, cutting-edge beard trimmers are available in different prices and features to offer cutting precision […]

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Beard Oils
Beard oils are packed with essential oil, such as argon oil, and other conditioning ingredients to maintain facial hair. Beard oil is a must-have essential for bearded men to keep the skin hydrated and help tame or soften beard hair. The application of beard oil is done by rubbing it […]

Beard Oils Top 10 Rankings