Sleep Sound Machine Buying Guide

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Types of Sleep sound machines

Sleep sound machine, also known as a white noise machine, is your ultimate solution for many disturbed sleepers. These white noise machines have become very common now and have a wide range of variety to offer. They range from basic and cheap machines to expensive ones with multiple features to offer. These white noise machines work by creating a barrier between the person and outside disturbing noises and helping him fall asleep. The types of white noise machines available are mentioned below.


Inexpensive sleep sound machines

The inexpensive machines have a limited number of sounds to offer. They either create a fan sound or a low-level hum, the volume level of which can be adjusted. These machines can especially be used while traveling and for babies.


Expensive white noise sound machines

The high-end expensive machines have a heavy price tag due to the multiple features they offer. They have a wide range of sounds. They are effective and facilitate well in sleeping. Furthermore, expensive white sound machines are clinically tested.

The high-end expensive white sound machines have a wide range of sounds to offer. Few of them are the waterfall, roaring surf, rain, thunderstorm, rainforest, river, wind, train, forest sounds such as birds, frogs, and owl. With all these sounds, the machine is ideal for individuals who prefer to have background noise while they sleep.


How White noise machine help you sleep?

The sleep sound machine basically creates a barrier between the person and the outside disturbing noises. The ideal machine is the one whose sound slowly fades away instead of a machine which stops suddenly. That increases the chances of a person waking up from sleep rather than falling asleep.

White noise machines alter an individual’s sleep with REM being shortened and stage 2 is prolonged. For elders, the sleep sound machine doesn’t need to work throughout the night. Whereas for babies, it is preferred to have the machine on for throughout the night for continuous sound.

To sum it up, white noise machines are used by individuals who have issues with falling asleep due to several disturbing noises present and becoming even more disturbing at night. These machines come with multiple features and options which can be chosen based on the individual’s requirements. Their price tags vary depending on the features of the machines. The expensive ones obviously have more features to offer.


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