Digital Coaxial Cable Buying Guide

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Bear in mind that all the digital audio cable or audio equipment does not support the options and there is a need to consider an informed choice about the cable performing the best. This answer varies based on the source and professionals also agree that to make the most, the basics of digital optical cable connections must be up front.


Why buy?

Digital coaxial cables are employed to send audio to devices. The cables are as the RCA cable red and white used by the stereo systems. These digital cables offer a clean audio transfer. This process of connection is one feature and it is the same that is used in the RCA audio red and white cables with the equipment.

Actually, a digital coaxial cable is common delivering surround sound audio 5.1 and it is the same as an Optical cable. They are used typically to connect to a sub-woofer to connect to an audio receiver and there is difference between an optical cable and a digital coaxial cable sound quality, yet it is indistinguishable.

In fact, a digital coaxial connector appears as an RCA connector, but digital data is transmitted instead of the analog signals. A digital coaxial cable is actually thick in comparison to a typical audio cable and this is because it uses the same shielded coaxial cable used to connect to your cable box your television.


Coaxial Connections

The digital audio connection most common type is coaxial digital. Visibly, a digital coaxial cable appears as a coaxial cable featuring RCA connectors.

Digital coaxial cables transmit the signals electrically such that the pulse of the electrical signal is through the copper wire at the coaxial cable heart. It is shielded by aluminum foil wrap interference.

The foremost thing to notice about the digital coaxial cable in comparison to the traditional audio cable is the price. The price is high as the shielded cable is thicker and it is certainly more than the price of any standard RCA cable. The cost factor may tempt you to use RCA audio cable so that you make a digital connection. Actually, a traditional RCA cable does not come shielded and it does not have the bandwidth that is provided in the coaxial connection.

A digital coaxial cable provides impedance of 75-ohm and a wider frequency bandwidth in comparison to the unshielded, thinner RCA cable. If you connect a RCA standard audio cable, you will begin to lose the signal in the long distances, and this takes place owing to the lack of shielding. Being short or deficient of signal implies it manifests the stuttering audio form and you do not get the digital bits on a consistent basis. There may be interference from electric lights or electrical devices. Having longer cable helps even the worse signal loss.

A single digital coaxial cable can carry all the audio channels. Thus, you require carrying a single cable to the stereo left and right signals or the surround sound 5.1 channel signals. Digital audio features two options in cables, the digital coaxial cables or optical digital audio cables. Both the cables provide much better performance in comparison to the RCA audio cables.


Digital Coaxial Cables and How They Work?

The coaxial cables have inner copper conducting layer and the external conductor is surrounded with rubber insulation wrapping the cable outside. The signal of the digital audio travels via the inner conductor and the external conductor prevents loss and interference.

Unlike RF coaxial cables transmitting both video and audio, the digital coaxial cable main purpose is to transmit between two components digital audio. Obviously, this single function offers higher quality over minimizing interference and signal loss.


Digital Coaxial Cables Benefits

There are several benefits of the digital coaxial cables such that it is useful even with a DVD player that has Digital to Analog converter, converting to analog from digital signal. Thus, the analog signal travel to other component that as Analog to Digital converter turning the signal to analog. This double conversion from digital to analog signal and back causes the loss in quality.

Having a digital audio cable means having both optical digital audio cable and digital coaxial cable, the audio signal allow traveling through digital medium, thus there is saving in the use of the ADC and the DAC. Thus, the signal bypasses the receiver and delivers high quality, clear digital signal.

What are you waiting for, get the digital coaxial cable right now as these cables are suitable virtually for every modern appliance of entertainment, right from DVD players to home theater systems to HD TVs.


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