Creatine Supplement Buying Guide

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Scientific studies claim that creatine can increase strength, muscle mass and improve exercise performance. There are several other health benefits that creation provides such as protection against neurological diseases. If you are considering buying and using creatine, here is what you need to know.


How creatine benefits us

Creatine is produced in our body naturally as an amino acid. It depletes rapidly from our bodies when we exercise. So creatine supplements are used to support workout performance while also prolonging the depletion. Did you know that protein shakes can also help aid the muscles? Whey protein can be combined with creatine supplements for best results.


High intensity workouts

There are different ways in which creatine helps improve athletic performance and health.
Creatine can increase phosphocreatine stores in the muscles. Additional stores are used to produce more ATP and this is a key energy source for heavy weight lifters or for high intensity exercise routines.


Gain muscle mass

Creatine helps boost the workload and you will be able to perform an increased volume of exercises in a single session. This is key to long term muscle growth. Creatine supplements also help increase satellite cell signalling. This is needed for help in muscle growth and repair.

Creatine is able to lift water content within the muscle cells and this helps in muscle growth. It reduces protein breakdown and increases total muscle mass.


Creatine supplemented with protein shakes

Creatine has to be consumed regularly at a dosage of 3 grams. It can be consumed per serving in a protein shake. The shake is usually consumed 30 minutes post workout as this helps maximize the benefits of the supplements. You can also take creatine before your workout and then have your protein shakes after the workout.


Creatine is believed to help with neurological diseases

Parkinson’s is a disease wherein there is a reduction of the main neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. The huge reduction of dopamine levels will cause brain cells to die. Tremors, speech impairments and loss of muscle function may be observed. But creatine has been studied in the lab and shows that it can prevent the drop of dopamine levels in mine up to 90%

People with parkinson’s need to perform weight training so that they can treat their loss of muscle function. Creatine combined with weight training will improve daily function and strength and provide benefits that are extended beyond the training


For blood sugar and diabetic patients

Creatine is able to lower blood sugar levels. Combining creatine and exercise will help keep blood sugar levels under control. The faster the body expels sugar from the blood, the better, especially for diabetic patients. More research is being conducted into how creatine can improve the bodily functions for blood sugar control and diabetes.


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