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Why do you lock your computer?

Just like your home, computers need protection from both internal and external threats. A lock is needed to keep the privacy of your files and documents; as well as averts unwanted inconvenience. It protects confidential communications from prying eyes and keeps data secured from being altered. A laptop cable lock will go a long way in preserving the confidentiality of your papers.


How to lock your PC?

Another option in case you want to exit is to lock your computer instead of logging out. No need to waste time by logging out each time you want to do something else; you can just lock your computer.


Steps to lock your computer:

  • Step 1 – Press on the computer keyboard, the Win+L key combination.
  • Step 2 – Click padlock button you can find easily at that Start button menu at lower-right corner.
  • Step 3 – After pressing – press Win+L or clicking the padlock, watch for the initial the login screen to appear; at this point no person can access the computer at unless they have an account and know the account’s password. Your PC computer is now locked.


Find the best computers lock for you

The best lock of your computer is the Kensington lock; thus it is also called and referred to as a K lock or named as K slot. This device has a small hole found on every portable computer that was manufactured after year 2000. Search for this hole on the laptop’s side or back corner side usually with a marked logo along the right.


Inserted through the hole, the lock with a cable security is attached on the leg of a table or other secure place to keep anyone from walking away with your laptop. Kensington lock is named after its manufacturer but other brands and alternatives exist


Security keys for laptops

The primary line of defense is Kensington invented laptop security. Laptop cable lock is engineered for both protection and ease of use. Set standard by the industry were keys made from steel of high quality and aircraft-grade. Locking device on each end is a long cable that is wrapped around a stable and immovable object, while the wire lock is inserted securely into the laptop.


Other security options

Fire alarm and more systems cable are specifically for shielded security use. Two 20-gauge insulated stranded wires are given extra protection and shield with polyester/aluminum tape that are wrapped in zero low smoke halogen (LSZH) jacket. These quality cable securities are expected to perform quality electrical performance and ease of deployment.


You can make use of safety wire lock devices so that fasteners would not get loose and fall out due to strong vibrations and other physical forces. An indication that the fasteners have been properly tightened is the presence of safety wiring.

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