Walkie Talkies Buying Guide

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How to pick the best Walkie Talkies?

One of the major aspects of heading into the wilderness is that you always have to try and find a way to get in touch with people. Things can head into an unwanted direction at any time, so you do want to find a way to stay in touch with someone when that happens. Walkie Talkies are very good for this. And if you want to find such units, here are some great ideas to use.



Walkie Talkies have a different range, depending on the model and price. But usually, the better the range you get, the better the results will be. You have to realize that a higher range will also lead to a high cost. But that shouldn’t matter most of the time. Just try to take your time and remember, the overall results can be more than great in the end.


How many channels are available?

There are companies which create Walkie Talkies with 22 channels or more. Others deliver 50 channels. The idea here is to understand how many channels you want to use and see if you really need 20 or 50. As long as you find a model that suits the number of channels you want to use, you will be more than ok in the end. The amount of channels you get tends to be connected to the total range.



In the case of power for Walkie Talkies, opt for at least 5W for your device. While some models have more power, you have to ask yourself if you will really need or even use that amount of power to begin with.



Since you will need the Walkie Talkies outdoors most of the time, you may want to opt for models that are waterproof. Of course, this is not a pivotal requirement. But it does come in handy, especially if you want to purchase these units specifically for outdoor use.



Again, it depends on where you want to use this product. But most of the time, you will not want to have a very heavy unit. Instead, the lower weight models are preferred whenever you want to get proper Walkie Talkies.



Just like weight, size also matters for Walkie Talkies. You want to stay away from the bulkier models most of the time. They don’t have amazing visual appeal, and at the same time it can be pretty hard to carry them around.


Picking a good Walkie Talkie is not that challenging, as long as you know where to look. But do remember to stick to the desired budget as much as you can. Do that and you will be impressed with the way things pan out!


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