Kitchen Scale Top 10 Rankings

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Kitchen scale is a smart device used for weighing and measuring ingredients especially in test kitchens. A food weight scale is available in spring and balance models to give more accurate measurements for your recipes. It is also available in digital and manual models. Food weight scale is popular among aspiring and professional chefs because it is easy to use, gives more accurate measurement and inexpensive.

We announce latest rankings of best Kitchen Scale. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss Kitchen Scale Buying Guide also.

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My Weigh KD8000 Bakers Math Scale
My Weigh KD8000 Kitchen Scale has an 8000 gram capacity with 1 gram resolution. You can also measure your items in pounds only, ounces only, pounds and ounces and kilograms.
  • Stainless steel platform.
  • Hinged protective shield.
  • Bright backlit weight display.
My Weigh SCMKD8000 Kitchen Scale
Greater Goods 480 Multifunction Digital
Greater Goods 480 Multifunction Digital Scale has a straightforward design focused around the essential functions you need to prepare better meals. It features a durable plastic weighing surface and touch-sensitive buttons that are easy to clean.
  • High-contrast LCD screen.
  • Scale shuts off and calibrates automatically.
  • Scratch-resistant feet.
Greater Goods 480
AccuWeight AW-KS005WS Digital Scale
The Accuweight AW-KS005WS features a tempered glass surface and 4 highly accurate sensors. The tempered glass surface, which can weigh up to 11 lbs is accurate to within 1 gram, is 3 times stronger than regular glass, while being easy to clean and hygienic.
  • Zero/Tare function.
  • Auto shut-off function.
  • Liquid measurement technology.
Accuweight AW-KS005WS baking scale
1byone 700US-0001 Digital Mutlifunction
The new 1byone 700US-0001 Digital Kitchen Scale is a good companion for serious cooking. It is built with the latest generation in sensor technology to ensure accuracy and immediate responses for the fast-paced chef.
  • Good electroplating technology.
  • Fast calibration.
  • Ultra-low power consumption.
1byone 700US-0001 food scale
OXO 1130800 SS Scale w/ Pull-Out Display
OXO 1130800 Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale w/ Pull-Out Display ensures accurate measurements every time. The digital display pulls away from base to prevent shadowing from large plates or bowls and has large, easy to read numbers and an optional backlight for extra visibility.
  • Easy to clean & store.
  • Accurate measurements in grams or ounces.
  • Weigh multiple ingredients at once.
OXO 1130800
AmazonBasics EK3211 Digital Scale
A useful kitchen tool, the AmazonBasics digital kitchen scale makes it easy to quickly weigh ingredients or food items. It is particularly handy for baked goods where exact amounts of flour make all the difference between perfection and overly dry cookies or cake.
  • Widescreen LCD screen.
  • Unit button converts unit of measurement.
  • Large weighing platform.
AmazonBasics EK3211
ZERLA Digital Kitchen Scale
From foods to liquids to snacks, ZERLA digital kitchen scale can make accurate measurements up to 11 lbs. The scale is so precise you measure weight to within .05 oz. or 1 gram.
  • Lightweight, compact design.
  • Precision tare button.
  • Crystal clear display.
ZERLA Digital Kitchen Scale food weight scale
ETEKCITY HOHLKD03E1fba Digital Scale
With a capacity of up to 11lb (5kg), this scale can take on the role as your assistant chef, so you can enjoy the leisure of refining your kitchen crafts with efficiency and quality. The high precision strain gauge sensors ensure accuracy.
  • Built-in timer.
  • Clear LCD.
  • Stainless steel finish.
Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction
Use this accurate, elegant, easy-to-use digital kitchen scale for your largest and smallest cooking projects. It weighs up to 11.24 lbs (5100 grams) with precise graduations of 0.05 oz (1 gram).
  • Automatic unit button.
  • Enlarged weighing platform.
  • Automatically power-off after 2-minutes.
Ozeri ZK14-S digital kitchen scale
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Kitchen Scale Buying Guide

 Accuracy and Better Price

A simple, inexpensive digital kitchen scale can mean faster cooking, demystified portion control, less mess and better results when baking or cooking. Besides giving you the most accurate measurement of food and ingredients, a digital kitchen scale can provide consistent results and less cleanup in test kitchens.