Shoe-Mount Flash Buying Guide

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What is Shoe Mount Flash?

Also called hit shot, it is a mounting point placed on the top of a camera to attach a flash unit and other compatible accessories. It is formed like a bracket with angled metal that is surrounding a metal contact point that shortens the electrical link between the camera and its accessory for synchronizing the standard, brand-independent flash.


Know these things know about Hot-Shoe Flash

1. TTL (through-the-lens) flash metering is overrated; it is only a backup unit and no a fully dedicated flash.

2. Batteries are a big deal so buy alkalines batteries that are cheap and available everywhere, but to provide so-so capacity and recycle times.

3. Head focal length of manually setting zoom head gives special effects and other cool benefits and assures that your picture is evenly lit edge to edge.

4. Hot-shoe flashes are utilized off-camera that radio or infrared system can trigger.

5. Experimenting is easy with shoe-mount flashes make experimenting easy for the TTL-controlled flash produces automatically the correct light output.


Canon flash versus Nikon flash

A continuing debate is going on various forums about canon flash versus nikon flash; as one side says that Nikon is better in certain ways while the other side says that Canon is better in other ways. And the common wisdom comes out that Nikon’s flash system is superior to Canon. And this is an accepted general fact.


Tests for the best

Tests were made on how photo shoots using the two different cameras with the same model and background. Noted were obvious differences ending with this conclusion: they are both good so it’s the photographer’s duty to figure out how his equipment responds, so he has to adjust his technique and make it work in the best way!


You should buy Shoe Mount Flash for these reasons

1. Power – An external flash has more power and when using your camera’s built in flash, the exposure needs power to provide better and proper settings.

2. Recycling Time – An external flash will enable an 8fps shoot up without so much effort that’s very essential in shooting events where every minute is important.

3. Fill Flash – Without an external fill flash, harsh shadows will likely appear all over your picture as fill flash will soften the shadows and yield to a better looking picture.

4. Flash Heads – An external flash head can be aimed at various positions; on the ceiling and the light from the ceiling will act like a huge softbox.


Any option

Consider your external flash like a portable studio light with less power. With hot shoe mount, light modifiers are easily attached to your flash just like lights in the studio. Umbrellas, softboxes, grids, and other accessories can also be attached to your speed light for quality shoots. It does not matter whether you use canon flash or nikon flash as anyone of them produces perfect pictures.


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