Crimper Buying Guide

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Why buy crimpers?

Crimping tool is essential in joining metals. Without crimping tools, there is no way to join the parts into the whole. It means that every tool belt must have crimping tools. Even the plain and simple, crimpers are considered necessities. Serving as functional piece of equipment, they are great in creating cords and patch cords for voice based networks


Uses of crimping

Aside from its use in conjoining two pieces of metal crimper, some crimpers are used not only as crimp wires but strip wires as well. The process is quite complicated. The desired wire is inserted into the crimper by pulling the wire casing away and clamping the wire down. This way, the wire is exposed that will be used to crimp with another wire using the connector.


Actions such as crimping and stripping are necessary when you have to hookup and repair electronic systems like the audio systems in your car; cable; installing fixtures and installing speaker systems as television; upgrading electrical outlets; and other vital functions used in day to day living.


Best crimping

The best tool will last a long time as its steel construction has oxide finish that resist rust. As the grip is confortable, it is easy to use and does not cause hand fatigue. Main wire sizes used in the electrical industry are covered allowing you to use one tool for most applications. This crimper also has a mechanical ratcheting system for greater control.


RJ45 crimper

The rJ45 crimper tool is the right choice when a professional grade tool is not wanted. To insure longevity and long life, every tool is made from frame that is all steel. A built in cable cutter allows for faster cable prep with just one tool. RJ45 crimper is normally used in telephone and network cables. Occasionally they are used for serial network connections. Today there are 2 different rJ45 crimper’s connerctor sizes available, 1 for Cat 5 cable and 1 for Cat 6 cable.


Wire crimper

Considered as one of the fastest, most reliable and rugged termination methods, crimp termination can affect the integrity of your electrical connection if not crimped correctly into the wire. It is important to use the right wire crimping tool for the gauge as well as the importance of the barrel type of terminal in crimping.


Servers of the electricity are carrying many kinds of wire crimping tool that includes both economical and ergonomical wire crimper to the heavy duty and special crimpers having multi pin connectors and other wiring projects types.


Purchasing wire crimper

By purchasing an economical wire crimper, you have a tiny investment and perform a series of standard crimps for the industry. Wire campers that are ergonomical wire are the best to use for continuous manual assembly that tired and fatigued hand and wrist. Buy an ergonomical wire crimper with handles that are soft and grips making operation easy. Heavy duty and rugged wire crimper tool is the best for creating wire crimps. Opt for crimping tool that can be used as double crimp for both insulation grip and barrel used simultaneously.


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