Baking Sifter Buying Guide

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Why use baking shifter?

After flour is sifted, it is much lighter than unshifted flour. It can be easily mixed with other ingredients when forming a cake batter or making dough. Shifted flour is easier to combine evenly with other dry ingredients, like cocoa powder. Flour shifter screens out weevils, which tended to be found in the flour after it had been stored for a time.


Flour sifter is a baking basic need

  1. By sifting, flour is aerated creating an airy, delicate and light texture in a finished baked good. It also breaks up clumps of flour.
  2. Powder shifter levels out measurements. By simply sifting the flour, you have even and consistent measurement, no matter is the climate or texture of flour used.
  3. Sifting is the best option to removes debris and unwanted materials. You don’t want unwanted debris in your recipe, so sift your flour.
  4. Your ingredients are easily mixed with a shifter. Do not mix wet and dry together. Shift flour with other dry ingredients, such as baking soda, cocoa powder or salt.


About baking shifter

Sieves come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are tiny ones that fit in a cup of tea and big ones for draining of large amount of ingredients. To sieve, simply shake the sieve over some mixing bowl where your ingredients are placed.


Flour sifter is designed differently from others. Some hand cranks are found on top while others are located along the side. They assist operation of beater or paddle that is set inside the sifter. After placing flour inside the crank, the pedal is moved so there is no need to shake the sifter by hand.


Buy the best flour sifter

1. Materials are from tin to heavy-weight plastic and stainless steel. Buy powder shifter made of heavy-weight plastic or stainless steel materials as they are rust-resistant and durable.


2. Capacity – For user’s convenience, flour sifter is best when it large capacity. It must be a capacity of around 3 cups.


3. Versatility – For more value, purchase a sifter that works not only on flour but sifts other dry baking ingredients, as icing sugar etc.


4. Convenience in use – Look for measurements on the side of the sifter. This will save you the hassle of using a separate measuring cup. It must be able to make accurate measurements to get better-cooking results. Use an electric shifter so you do not require battery replacement. No need for battery with manual cranks style; but look for a crank that works smoothly.


5. Ease in cleaning – If you want quick and easy cleaning, buy a powder sifter that is labeled as dishwasher-safe. Most sifters are easy to clean; simply wash with hot water and soap then dry.


6. Warranty is important in case you buy a defective flour sifter. A warranty is an indicator of the product’s durability. The longer is the time of warranty, the more durable is the product.


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