Omega 3 Buying Guide

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Look at the label

Whether you buy Krill oil, fish oil or any other omega 3 fatty acids supplement, it is always important to look at the supplement facts printed on the product. It will help you to get details about active ingredients of the supplement and their quantity as well. The essential ingredients of an omega 3-fatty acid are Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA).


As per few medical studies, the efficacy level of EPA/DHA is set to 2000 to 3000mg or 2 to 3 grams per day. Most of the supplements these days are available with 1 gram omega-3 content per dose so sometimes your medical professionals may advise you to double the dose range. When you look at the product label, it will indicate all these supplement facts per serving. This detail will help you to decide your daily dose safely.


Potency plays the major role

Different omega 3 fatty acids use to have different potency rating so they must be chosen carefully. The krill oil contains DHA+EPA in phospholipid form and it is believed to boost the Omega 3 fatty acid content by two times as compared to normal capsules of fish oil. Note that in fish oil EPA+DHA are available in triglyceride form.


The type of fatty acids present in your supplement will decide its absorption in tissues. Also, it will affect the overall cost of the supplement; as for example, Krill Oil pills are found more costly compared to fish oil pills. The potency of active ingredients will also be related to your diet and genetics so before choosing your supplement, it is good to consult a medical health professional.


How fresh is your oil?

Note that, all oils suffer from oxidation process and Omega-3 also falls into this category. When this oil is exposed to air, heat or light, it can turn into a rancid that can cause inflammation in user’s body. While buying your supplement, it is important to ensure that your product is sealed well. Always look for a trustworthy store to make your purchase so that you can get something suitable to your body and can stay away from side effects.


Also, while buying your fish oil, prefer to compare its EPA/DHA rating to judge the quality. Always make sure that you invest in the best quality product instead of saving few bucks on price. However, the ultimate decision about prescription must be taken preferably by health experts.


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