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A video projection screen is a surface installation using framework for support to display a video image projection to be viewed by an audience. When you consider purchasing a home theater screen remember that you need to buy a separate video screen because it is unlike TV with its own built-in screen. Know more about video projector screen for you home theater entertainment before purchasing the system.  

We announce latest rankings of best Video Projection Screen. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for best choice! 

JaeilPLM FBA_PLM-OS100 Projector Screen 100″
JaeilPLM Outdoor Projector Screen is good for any events, whether it be for neighborhood block parties, family movie nights, sporting events, or eSports events. This projector screen offers a large viewing area for movies and streaming.
  • Triangular base frame.
  • Extremely light.
  • Made of high quality PVC matte material.
JaeilPLM FBA_PLM-OS100 Video Projection Screen
88 /100

ARKSEN Manual Projection Screen 120″
ARKSEN Manual Projection Screen can offer you a perfect visual enjoyment with optimal image and color reproduction. Its high quality matte white surface provides 96″x72″ of viewing area with 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Dual wall & ceiling installation design.
  • Washable surface, easy to keep clean.
  • Shelf-lock system allows you to adjust the height and aspect ratio.
ARKSEN Manual Projection Screen
88 /100

FLOVEA 170816-FOA1 Movie Screen 100″
The high-quality bright matte white surface with a gain of 1.1 means that FLOVEA provides brighter images in dark environments where ambient light is controlled. The four side black borders enhance picture contrast.
  • Hanging holes offer easy and quick installation.
  • White, semi-rough, thick PVC material.
  • Video Projection Screen
FLOVEA 170816-FOA1 projector screen
88 /100

VIVO PS-M-100 Manual Projector Screen 100″
VIVO Manual Projector Screen is an affordable solution for professional or personal projection needs. This easy to use screen is perfect for home theaters, businesses, and classrooms. This high-quality screen offers smooth transitioning into desired screen height.
  • 120 degree viewing angle.
  • Universally compatible.
  • Durable metal casing.
VIVO PS-M-100 movie screen
89 /100

Best Choice SKY1182 Projection Screen 119″
Great for any home theater, office, or educational environment, this projector screen displays beautiful, crisp images on a matte white screen masked with black on all four sides. The high gain screen delivers bright images in any lighting environment.
  • Durable carrying case.
  • Anti-fabric, anti-static screen.
  • Built-in self lock mechanism.
Best Choice SKY1182
89 /100

Elite M150UWH2 Manual Projector Screen 150″
Elite M150UWH2 Manual Projector Screen’s 4K Ultra HD ready screen not only provides the widest possible viewing angle of 180°, but also provides perfect diffusion uniformity while retaining precise definition, image color reproduction and black and white contrast.
  • Auto-locking mechanism.
  • 2-year manufactures warranty.
  • Screen lanyard.
Elite M150UWH2
90 /100

Elite ELECTRIC100H Spectrum Drop Down Screen
Elite ELECTRIC100H Spectrum Drop Down Projection Screen ships fully assembled. It features a durable casing that easily installs to your wall or ceiling with the included installiton kit. It is mildew resistant and easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Plug & play ready.
  • IR remote included.
  • Active 3D projection ready.
Elite ELECTRIC100H portable projector screen
91 /100

Carls Blackout Cloth DIY Projector Screen
Carls Blackout Cloth Projector Screen material is a budget-friendly, do-it-yourself screen building favorite. Blackout Cloth’s matte white surface and gain of 1.0 diffuse light in all directions so the image can be seen from any angle.
  • Extremely sturdy.
  • Compatible with standard or short throw projector.
  • Best for an indoor, fixed frame application.
Carls na
92 /100

Elite OMS120H2 Yard Master 2 120″
Elite OMS120H2 Yard Master 2 Projection Screen is an excellent choice guaranteed to deliver the most impactful personal or business presentations. This free-standing projection screen is the perfect companion for outdoor presentations with front or rear projection materials available.
  • Lightweight aluminum square tube construction.
  • Easy Snap-Button attachments on material.
  • Works with Standard, Ultra/Short-throw 1080P/4K projectors.
Elite OMS120H2 home theater screen
94 /100

Silver Ticket STR-169120 Screen 120″
The Silver Ticket fixed frame projection screen offers powerful performance for the price. This screen features real projection screen material, not a sheet. The material is a white stretchy, high-quality vinyl at 1.1 gain that is designed for watching movies.
  • 2 3/8″ heavy duty beveled aluminum frame wrapped in light-absorbing black velvet material.
  • Wide viewing angle at 160 degrees.
  • Tensioning rod system.
Silver Ticket STR-169120 Video Projection Screen
98 /100
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Video Projection Screen Buying Guide

 Led technology leads screen types options

Everyone wants a gigantic-size movie screen. To determine the screen type, buyers must know the use of the projector. Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors have wide series of microscopic mirrors allowing system to incline toward the light source of the projector or away from the source as while creating light or dark pixel on the projection screen.