Bowling Ball Buying Guide

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High Performance like No Other

Since the 20th century, the primary material used for bowling balls was hard rubber however the very first bowling ball was made from polyester plastic construction in 1950. In the year 1990, the new construction known as reactive resin was developed and particle ball was introduced. Reactive resin and particle balls are widely used in modern play.


Choosing the bowling ball is very essential for your performance and crucial for competitive play. But the quest for the right bowling ball to use is often not an easy task. In order to find a bowling ball that fits to your playing style, you should know what to look for before stepping foot on your retail store. The bowling ball you choose is based on a number of factors such as weight, style and price.


Before drilling into the most appealing and expensive bowling ball, consider the primary keys that are important in your selection process. You should know that the right bowling ball, regardless of its price tag, should not sacrifice performance and quality. To ensure you are getting a ball that fits you, know your style.


If you’re gifted with strong forearm a bowling ball with wide hooks will perfectly suits you because it typically requires a lot of high back swing and power to make an impressive strike. In order to know that a ball has a huge hooking potential, simply look for a higher number of flare. Flare rating is typically indicated by ball manufacturers into the material.


Strike your Choice!

Aside from style, weight is another essential factor to consider when it comes to choosing the right bowling ball for you. Remember that the overall weight of the ball will have a significant impact on your performance and game. You should choose the ball’s weight that’s comfortable for you to handle. In general, men choose a bowling ball that’s between 14 – 16 pounds while women choose weights from 10 pounds. When choosing the weight of your bowling ball, never allow the ego to dictate what weight you should get.


It is always better to go for a ball that has a lighter weight that allows you to maintain great control and awesome performance. Heavier ball that you can’t fully control will only wear down your arm. After all, the performance is all about consistency and control. Therefore, you should be wise about picking the right and appropriate ball weight for you.


Ensured Quality

If you have affinity to make strikes, look from premium bowling ball manufacturers. They produce balls with quality construction that can enhance the energy of the ball by retaining the energy and minimizing recoil off the pins known as the Hypershock Technology or HST. When you shop from the leading manufacturers of bowling balls, you are ensured that every product went through quality test to ensure it has strong down lane motion and lots of hitting power despite a heavy oil condition.


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