Video Projection Screen Buying Guide

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LED technology leads screen types options

Everyone wants a gigantic-size movie screen. To determine the screen type, buyers must know the use of the projector. Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors have wide series of microscopic mirrors allowing system to incline toward the light source of the projector or away from the source as while creating light or dark pixel on the projection screen.


Available either in single-chip or three-chip versions; the single-chip offers the sharpest image compared to other types. Ro create an image, projectors of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) emits light passing through a panel. The light from a LCoS projector reflects light off three individual panels that combined to make the image.


Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is brighter than a LCoS projector. LCD projectors are affordable, starting at the same price as a single-chip DLP projector. Each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on your type of projector, you can display and cover the setup of your room; one of them might be better than the others.


For longer lifespan of about 20,000 hours or more, use LED in a projector. Other benefits are: Red, blue, and green LED replaces the lamp of the projector so no color wheel is necessary. Without the color wheel, the rainbow effect is eliminated, as well as the noise generated by the movement of the wheel.


Fixed Frames pull –down screen, portable screen etc.: find the cheapest?

Fixed Frame type installs screen on the wall for good. It is set in the midst of a metal, plastic frame or solid wood so that it is always opened and cannot be rolled up. This type of screen installation is also the most expensive.


The second option is a Pull Down screen that offers greater flexibility for whatever purposes, aside from a movie screen for a home theater. This type can be set on a wall temporarily, raised up as protective housing when not in use and pulled down when in use.


The least expensive option is the portable projector screen. One advantage is the ease of setting up projector in screens at rooms in different parts of the house or if your projector is portable, set it up outdoors.


You would not be sorry to invest in the best projector screen

The best projectors are not only of high quality but also cost-effective. These quality-built projector is a movie screen that stands in a category all its own. Sounds are acutely honed and adequately completely-tensioned. With the rejecting technology for Ambient Light, this projector screen is absolutely number one in best projector screen that are available in the market and cost under $1K on any store today.


The best home theater screen is a quality product that excels the standards set by other manufacturers of projectors in the market. So whether you plan on using your projector screen for gaming, movies, or sports, you need to get the best.


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