Ballpoint Pen Buying Guide

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Ballpoint pens have different types

1. Ballpoint pens are either disposable or refillable models.

2. The disposable ballpoint pens are the simplest with a cap as tip cover for unused pen or it has a retracting tip mechanism.

3. Pen refills have their entire internal ink reservoir, ballpoint and socket to be replaced.

4. Rollerball pens employ the same ballpoint mechanics using water-based inks instead of oil-based inks.

5. Ballpoint pens with erasable ink ballpoints and the formula of its ink has properties allowing ink to be rubbed clean from writing surface before they dry and eventually become permanent similar rubber cement.

6. Multipens have several different colored refills while some ballpoint refills are sometimes mixed with other kinds of non-ballpoint refills.


Best pen you can buy

Best pens for writing are pure joy to scribble with and the pens are nice-looking, comy in your hands, quick dry, and best feature is its affordability. It doesn’t clump up as frequently as other ballpoints and is much more lefty friendly (great for the left-handed too!), comes in different colors, and has several different sizes — from 1 mm down to 0.38-millimeter tips.


The gift of writing

Select the perfect ballpen by giving due attention to its style and color, the ink used and the impression of its color as well. Ballpens have many colors but have you ever wondered what your favorite ink color says about your personality?

Maybe you have an adventurous spirit or are a adherent to orderly and well- organized life. You continue reading to learn more about colors and use these tips to understand yourself more or help choose the perfect gift for someone special.


Ballpen colors and their significant

Black ink ballpen is top choices for writing preferred by strong-willed and independent people who exude confidence in their everyday lives.

Blue ink is the second most popular color and those who prefer blue lead peaceful and serene lives. They are some of the friendliest people you know

Red ink ballpens are preferred by strong-willed, ambitious and creative people. They work hard, exude energy, and enjoy other people’s success.

Purple ink ballpens are for people who think outside the box, the non-conformists; and they are often the life of the party with their imaginative and wisdom.

Green ink ballpens are for people who are down-to-earth and love nature. They are kind, generous, compassionate, and the best people to have in times of crisis.

Orange ink ballpens are those who love life, a social butterfly and extrovert; the extreme sports nut who always take risks, both in their personal and social lives.

Pink ink ballpens bare romantic and extreme optimists who are usually calm, relaxed, and have a general love of helping others. They are nurturing and compassionate.


Ballpen is part of your life

Everyone needs a ballpen so get the best; at least a set with all colors. Do you know that average a pen can write approximately 45,000 words? But you can buy more as it is so affordable; anyway, ballpens do not care about your penmanship. So happy writing!


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