Ice Scraper & Snow Brush Buying Guide

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How to choose the Ice Scraper and Snow Brush?

Winter is in its full swing. In this winter, the car owners seriously require an ice scraper. But the major thing is how to decide for the best one. The decision depends on the car owned by the individual, where the individual is living and so on. So, get prepared for the winter by choosing the one which stands fits on the specific individual’s requirements.


Shorthand snow broom

This kind is not very long. It is only either one or two foot long. But, generally, it has two features which are needed by the snow swellers. It has a scraper along with the snow broom. Here, the broom will sweep the snow off from the vehicle. It is a very important step when you want to reach the ice beneath. Then, the scraper will play his role.

It will be fit for you if you live in a place that ice and snow both. Either the person has small car or SUV, it is a good choice if the individual is tall enough.


Long-Handled Scraper

These ice scrapers have longer handles. They can be extended to the height of 5 feet or longer on unfolding these. It’s easy to use mechanism along with the cushiony grip make sweeping as well as scraping the car very easy. It is best for those who live in a place that has both ice and snow. When the individual own large truck and SUV and it is difficult for them to reach windshield.


Ice scraper with glove

In winter, the hands get constantly cold and in such case, if you forget to carry the gloves then removing ice brings some level of difficulty for you. But with this kind of ice remover, where ice scraper has feature of an in-built glove, then the process becomes very handy and convenient. But, here the problem is snow broom is missing.

So, it is the best for those places where ice is a common thing and snow is not there. It works well on the small car, SUV and large trucks, but the individual must be tall enough.



It is important to choose the Ice Scraper & Snow Brush as you need to scrap car during the winter season to remove the ice and snow. Carefully choosing the one will help you. Prioritize your needs and as per the requirements only, make your decision. Choosing the best one aid and you will have a nice journey on the roads. Have a look at the features whether it has multiple rows of bristles, a comfortable grip and so on.


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