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Dog treat bonds people and pet

People love to give their dogs treats and dogs love these treats. In a way it makes bonding between humans and pet, and that’s a good thing. You can still give your dog treats but just give them one at a time.


How to use dog treats

Use treats to reinforce a calm, submissive state. Treats should not be rewarded to dogs that are excited and over-stimulated state of mind. Always let the dog smells the treat first, but holds it up away from the dog and wait. The minute your dog smells the treat, she gets so excited and runs about at first, and will be trying to jump all over you. If so, show by your attitude and body language that you disapprove the dog’s behavior so slowly move yourself back or to one side and then wait. Your moments of patience as an owner will pay off in a well-behaved dog for a lifetime. This includes the giving of the puppy treats to the little ones.


When to give dog treats

The ideal time to give treats is in between meals. Select the treat that your dog will like most. The ruling is that the best, most delectable treats will be given for last, to reengage a dog if she begins to lose interest in the training session. If the treat is used as a training tool, it will not be useful after your dog has had a full meal. Give your treat in between meals and not right after or before a meal.


Follow these techniques when you giving treat to pets

Place treat between the thumb and your first two fingers. Let your dog smell so that she aware it is there and always remembers the rule: first are the nose, then the eyes, then finally the ears! When you include your dog’s nose, you are appealing to the most important part of her brain.


Fine treats for your pet

Some fine treats for dogs are dental chews that have been recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) for dental chew go a long way knocking off the tartar and plaque that can build up in your dog’s mouth over time. Dog biscuits and dog chews are loved as they are chewy and crunchy. Dogs also love baked salmon to go with their dog food and other varieties as apples, sweet potatoes, chicken, and others. Try to stay away from products that contain preservatives or artificial coloring or flavors.


Treats to avoid

Corn on the cob, dairy, chocolate, sugar, raisins, grapes and others. Ask your vet to be sure. Never offer your dog any sugar-filled treat, such as a cookie. He may love it, but over time — just like in humans — it could lead to diabetes, dental problems, and obesity. Never give these as puppy treats.


As giving your dog new treats, always seek your vet advice to make sure your pet won’t suffer harm from any of the ingredients contained in the treats you’re considering. Opt for dog chews as all dogs’ crunchy and chewy food. He may have an allergy you don’t know about, and that could lead to major problems. Always be on the safe side to help make sure your dog stays as healthy as possible for many years to come. Dog biscuits are safest treats to give your dogs.


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