Video Stabilizer Buying Guide

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    The majority of Video Stabilizers fall under two categories: Non-Motorized Stabilizers and Motorized Stabilizers

Non-Motorized Stabilizers

As the name implies, a non-motorized stabilizer doesn’t use any motorized parts which means that the user will have to angle and adjust the camera on their own. This is a distinct advantage over motorized stabilizers since it allows the user to easily change the direction of the camera, and angle while shooting a moving object.


These can be harder for newcomers to control so if you’re just starting your career as a professional videographer choosing motorized stabilizer just might be the right fit for you.


Motorized Stabilizers

Motorized Stabilizers are perfect for anyone that wants to minimize the time they spend adjusting their stabilizer. When a Motorized Stabilizer is set up and balanced it will stay that way no matter how much you move it. The Stabilizer will maintain the angle you set up the camera in even while you move and some even allow you to tilt the camera up or down if you want to get high or low angle shots.


Another advantage of Motorized Stabilizers is that you don’t have to be right next to it at all times since the stabilizer can help maintain the same angle for the shot.


Quality Of Construction

When choosing a Video Stabilizer, you need to choose on that matches the kind of place you’ll be shooting at. Getting used to a new stabilizer can be hard and take a while to get used to so you need to choose one that built to last. Most handheld stabilizers today are made using durable ABS plastic with metal bearings but some go the extra mile and use aluminum alloy to make the stabilizer lightweight and durable for long lasting use.


The Grip

You’ll be holding a video stabilizer for hours and in a variety of different angles and positions. This means that you’ll be more likely to get tired and drop the stabilizer along with the camera due to sweat build up which can cause it to slip. Naturally, there are a variety of Video stabilizes available today come anti-slip grips that are sweat resistant to provide a firmer grip.


The Weight

If you aren’t using a video stabilizer that doesn’t come with a stand then the weight of the video stabilizer will play a crucial role I while you use it. Compared to plastic or metal video stabilizers, an aluminum alloy video stabilizer is exceptionally lightweight while still managing to provide great durability and long-lasting use.


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