Bath Rug Buying Guide

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All about bath rug

Aside from its primary dual functions, a bath rug is not solely limited to the side of the tub. It can also be placed in the sink front so it contributes feeling of ease, comfort, support and warmth during extremely cold mornings. As an extension of a bathroom towels, it is set specifically right outside the tub to absorb water following a shower or bath. Every bathroom must have a bath rug for two reasons. First, it contributes to the overall look of your bathroom complementing its great color scheme or cool coordination with the bath towels. Second, it functions as a bath mat to absorb water from your body when you are stepping out of the shower or bath.


Why buy bath mat?

Both for aesthetic and safety, bathroom mats will go a long way in upgrading bathroom style and preventing you from accidental slips on the floor. They also keep your toes warm and toasty especially during cold and freezing winter mornings. There are interesting robust rubber rugs and colorful cotton coordinate bath rug collection. Many choices are open for you. You can even match your bathroom rugs to your toilet rug.


Before you buy, take time to consider

Your bathroom will have an aura of comfort and style with these rugs and mats. You might also consider a toilet rug! Aside from keeping the bathroom floor dry and providing an exciting look of sink, shower areas and tub, the right floor coverings feel pleasant and nice underfoot.

Start with size. Consider using masking tape to mark the spot or spots that you wish to cover and then measuring the size before you begin to shop.
Consider materials. Opt for materials of nylon or polyester as they are both wear-resistant and durable to withstand the test of time in humid or wet conditions. Rugs made of bamboo rayon offers the natural anti-microbial resistance benefits while those made from plastic and vinyl are easily wiped clean.


Compare care methods. Regular cleaning is required for bathroom mats and rugs so they stay attractive and fresh. For frequently used bathrooms, bath mats and rugs are washed by washing machines and will have to be laundered on regular basis. Bathroom rugs and mats assigned in powder and guest rooms are not often used so they are either hand wash or dry clean only rugs and mats that are assigned in powder rooms and guest baths that are not often used.


Feel like relaxing in a spa

With the right bath mat, you can add the feeling of relaxation to your bathroom, so you feel like you’re living in a luxury spa. You will be surrounded with rugs of endless styles and colors to suit your bathroom. They are easy to clean and usually dry very quickly. Enhancing the décor and safeguarding you from the slipping on wet floor and fracturing a hip are dual duties of bathroom mats. No need to worry, just place the largest rug nearest to your tub. Regarding the décor, it is easily accomplished with the best type of rugs available.


Your large bath mat room can be complemented by smaller, decorative rugs. Although this is no longer the ’90s, homemakers still love to match their rug sets.


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