Cat Litter Buying Guide

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A Basic Necessity

If you are a cat lover then you know that cats excrete in sandy or soft soil naturally for facile burial. More so, they cover their feces using their paws in backward sweeping motion. In order to stimulate these instinctive desires, a cat litter box is used indoor or outdoor.


The kitty litter box is filled with granular materials such as ammonia in order to absorb moisture and odors. Some popular brands of litter box also contain baking soda.


A Plethora Quality and Durable Materials

Litter boxes can be made of durable, quality materials to satisfy its instinctive desires to relieve them and dug. If you find yourself wondering exactly what kitty litter box to buy, this article may guide make the right choice. There are several, different types of kitty litter boxes available including biodegradable, clay-based and silica-based. The best kitty litter box for your feline will greatly depend on your personal preferences and expectations.


Eco-friendly Options

Although, the largest quantity of cat litter is made of either silica or clay, an eco-friendly cat litter is the most ideal alternative for cat parents who are concerned about the possibility of ingesting these materials. Biodegradable cat litter can be made from plant-derived materials or recycled paper.


However, if you are not willing to spend much time cleaning the litter, clay-based and silica-based litters might be the most ideal options for you.


Clay litter is probably the oldest kind of commercial litter box and it’s still commonly available today. It is widely used traditionally because of its ability to absorb moisture and liquid. More so, it has natural odor control so you won’t have to worry about placing the litter inside your home.


A clay-based litter must be changed and cleaned at least once a week. A clumping clay-based litter offers ease of cleaning where cat parents can remove individual clumps using a scoop. The litter can be replenished with fresh clumping litter regularly.


Silica-based litters, also known as crystallized litters are made from silica gel. This material is very ideal to provide odor control and absorb moisture. Silica-based litter boxes are good options if want a product that produces less dust than clay-based litter boxes.
Aside from materials, you should also consider the product’s durability and retailer’s warranty.


Regardless of which material you choose, make sure the cat litter is safe and high quality so your feline can enjoy his property for a very long time. Meanwhile, product warranty is very important to look for especially if you are shopping online. Since you cannot be able to check the product personally, a product warranty can be your assurance of its quality.


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