Laptop Bag Buying Guide

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Buying a new laptop bag is usually the start of something exciting. Either you’ve gotten a new laptop or you finally decided the old one wasn’t good enough. More space, more utility, there must be so many things you want to think about before buying. Depending on how much you travel, especially if it’s work, a good laptop backpack can really make the difference for you.


Match the laptop case to your laptop

While this seems like a no-brainer, people actually get it wrong quite often. Especially when buying online, it is important to be sure you have a sufficiently sized laptop case. If the pouch inside your laptop backpack is too large, your laptop will not be secure in situations that need mobility.

If it is too small, you risk damaging the bag and the laptop trying to fit it in. Check the dimensions of the laptop pouch separately, ask for more information if you need it. Even if everything else about the bag is great, this can ruin it.


What else do you need to carry?

A lot of people like to carry some accessories with them when they travel for work. This could include a power strip, a mouse, keyboard and LAN cables. Depending on what you need, you should choose a computer bag that can accommodate it. It’s not always a question of bigger is better, since what is important is being as mobile as you want.

It feels very awkward to carry a big computer bag that has very little inside it. Keep an eye on the inner pouches and side pouches since these also make a huge difference.

It helps to think about all the things it needs to double up as, since it is your primary utility luggage. Laptop backpacks are often used to keep things handy when travelling. Jackets for when it suddenly gets cold, travel chargers, cold medicines and so much more. You can use your laptop bag to make sure you have all of these hand when travelling.


Packing and unpacking convenience

Make sure the bag is easy to use. What this means is that you should be able to pack it systematically and remove whatever you need at any time. Some bags are difficult to pack, which means you have to shove stuff inside it all the time. You should choose a bag that is shaped to fit your needs, so you can remove things without having to do a soft unpacking. The ideal laptop backpack also has a zipper that can go all the way around to help you take things from the bottom.


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