Doorbell Buying Guide

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Doorbell types are basically only two

There are only two types of doorbells: the wired and the wireless. The wired was the version used at start while the wireless is the latest.


1. The original were these wired doorbells that are directly hard-wired directly into the electrical system of your home. It typically consists of button device with a switch located inside. Linked to a terminal, the switch is connected to a transformer. One wire runs from the switch, and another wire from the transformer, both go to the chiming unit.


2. Wireless doorbells have no batteries, so maintenance is low. They used radio waves to connect a transmitter switch to the chime, which makes wires unnecessary. Wireless system gives you the option of installing a number of receivers surrounding your round your home as well as widen the range of sound.


They are portable and could be installed at any place at your convenience. The downside: since they are battery-powered, wireless system have to change or recharge the batteries regularly to ensure the bell works.


5 most awesome amazing doorbell sounds

  • Fantasia – This magical sound welcomes your visitors as if a red carpet is unrolled for them to walk on toward a land of fantasy.
  • Ding and Ding Dong are basic sound of ring doorbell and on every doorbell mentioned on this page.
  • Take Me out to the Ballgame is a favorite vintage ode to America’s favorite sport.
  • Beethovens 5th is just a little bit higher in the scale of amazing chime melody in the list. It is a classical theme familiar to everyone – even if the name of the melody is not known!
  • Bell then Dog Bark and I’ll Get -These are two useful sounds! This ring doorbell sound provides a bit of security when unwanted visitors arrive!


Why you should buy the wireless?

No wiring required is one of the biggest benefits of having a wireless doorbell. It is portable and can be kept at different places according to the needs. Wifi doorbell is a modern touch added to modern doorbells as well as various kinds of music, new kinds of designs, novel attachment devices and even a camera.


These are found today in these wireless gadgets. Some doorbells have camera attached to the external door panel that helps a lot in providing home as you are able to view who is standing outside your gate without having to open the gate.


A wifi doorbell connected to your smart phone allows you to see, hear, and speak to the visitor knocking at your door whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. There is security in knowing who is at your door although you are miles away.


Price issue

Price is a factor in choosing a doorbell. Although wireless doorbells are the best but it is relatively expensive. However, a few years ago, wireless doorbells were sold much lower in cost and added with several features. So you can get one that has high quality and you will be able to use for a long time.


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