Top 10 cryptocurrency to survive 10 years later

Investing in cryptocurrency is still a risky venture despite its time spent in the market and it’s reputation for creating millionaires, it has also made people lose their money as quickly as they come and remains a highly volatile market, hence people advice to invest with spare cash and get out your capital as fast as you can. Which is a valid business advice. Despite the mistrust of many expecting it to vanish in no time, cryptocurrency has grown stronger with more alterations coming up every day, increased use by businesses as a form of payment and increased demands for it on the market.

Cryptocurrency relevance on this list is based on how much the market cap is, time spent in the market and unique features. From monitoring the trends on who has stayed in the market longest and who has remained relevant and grown in time these are speculations of 10 cryptocurrencies we think are going to be around in the next 10 years in no particular order.



10. Steem

Steem is a good choice of cryptocurrency that is owned by the Steemit social media platform designed to be a reward for upvotes. Seen as social media is huge, Steem has good market prospects a long as the social media developers of Steemit can keep it relevant and keep growing the Steemit platform.


9. NEM

NEM has grown to become a successful cryptocurrency that has left the public surprise and also the developers. With the swarm of cryptocurrency being developed, it can be challenging to compete with the market but NEM despite it being new has faced up to the challenge. NEM cryptocurrency was designed with for the public to be a cryptocurrency that rewards its investors based on their standing relevance and perhaps this keeps NEM coins holders active on the platform making it self-sustainable. Its self-sustenance keeps it on this list.



8. Monero

When Bitcoin was first introduced in the market, it made a lot of noise with its investors gushing about the decentralized system and the speed of transactions as compared to in a centralized system with banks and its anonymity. After a while it became obvious that the amount of anonymity offered by bitcoin was not enough because of its transparency of blockchain transactions.

Monero developers fills this gap by offering more anonymity than that of bitcoin, by cutting off the transparency of accounts involved in transactions and concealing them behind a set of unidentifiable keys unique to each transaction rather than each investor. On Monero, transactions are made even harder to trace by processing in divided bits than in the lump sum when using other cryptocurrency. This level of anonymity is Monero’s major drawer of investors and is why it hold an appealing prospect in the future.




So far so good, a mentioned one of the pointers to guide anyone to deciding on a particular cryptocurrency is what difference it brings to the table otherwise it will just be a disaster waiting to happen. IOTA is one of those cryptocurrency with a difference and that is why it makes this list. Many of cryptocurrency alterations came from and is based on blockchain which claimed to be relevant in more than just cryptocurrency, IOTA too a bold step by being a cryptocurrency that is not based on blockchain but rather on a system called Tangle.

Being based on a system other than blockchain isn’t enough to set IOTA apart from the rest, IOTA offers a chance of more transactions possible than with blockchain within a given time. The reason why this matters to given IOTA a place in the prospective future of finance market is that it is expected that in time the population of financial demands will increase, more transactions will have to be done and they will need to be done fast, IOTA provides a way out in that scenario.



6. Dash

Lapses left to be improved upon by bitcoin led to this innovation as the founders had in mind a blockchain that was going to function without the lapses present in bitcoin. As a result the Dash system incorporated features like master nodes, instant send, Private send, self-sustainable decentralized governance. Although Dash may be seen as struggling to attract the amount of investors that were foreseen, it is important to note that their perseverance in the market shown is what put them on this list of prospects.



5. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin world has been filled with forks and the high prices of bitcoin has made it difficult for new investors to start, all to the advantages of older investors though, however the scarcity and price of bitcoins has it downsides. While some argue that this particular scarcity and pricing align with the initial prospects Satoshi saw, there are others that believe that bitcoin has been exploited into what was not intended.

Bitcoin cash was intended as an alternative to bitcoin with lower fees by a people with a notion that perhaps bitcoin was saturated and is viewed by the market as a valid alternative to bitcoin and sometimes called the real bitcoins. Just like litecoin, a coin with similarities that pose as a strong alternative to bitcoin will hold strongly on this list since bitcoin does.



4. Lite Coin

Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin in many ways and have been compared very often by the media and even cofounders and financial expert, compared to the rest alternative cryptocurrency, litecoin has attracted most usage. In all fairness, the inventors of litecoin did it with the aim of creating a runner for bitcoin. Notwithstanding the two have their differences, litecoin reduces the time required for a transaction to be confirms by almost half of what it takes with bitcoin and this is the major attractive features for its investors.

It seems like if you like bitcoin but do not have so much time on your hands to wait for transactions to be verified, you can opt for litecoin. Since bitcoin has a good enough standing for its future prospects, it is understandable that something similar that fills a gap may have a place in that future too.


3. Ripple

ripple made a very good impression with its introduction to the market by being able to attract investors quickly as a result pushing its value up in a short time despite being new in the market. Ripple was introduced in 2012 and came in with the initiative of allowing a faster alternative to transactions than bitcoin offers. Bitcoin’s blockchain is one of the key selling point of the cryptocurrency and at the same time its drawbacks creates areas to be improved. One of such area is the time it takes to make innovations slower, ripple private decentralized system allows innovations to be done within a shorter time.

Ripple technology was designed to provide a faster alternative for banks to carry out their transactions, unlike other cryptocurrencies with the aim of cutting out the bank and the coin used on the Ripple platform is XRD. Ripple being designed to take the bank into consideration and serve as a means for online transactions to be done faster is what gives Ripple its future prospects of surviving in a case of a blow up or not.


2. Ethereum

Ethereum making this list might have also been easily expected seeing as it is the most successful altcoin in the cryptocurrency market evidenced by its holdings in trades. Ethereum launched in 2015 was invented as an improvement to the blockchain and made its mark by its addition of smart contracts and Distributed Applications to the market. Ether is the coins acceptable on the Ethereum platform and the major reason a lot of people swarmed to this cryptocurrency was as a result of the range of programming applications possible with the use of Ethereum smart contracts and Distributed Applications.

Ether was introduced as a form of payment for investors willing to run and or operate the Ethereum applications, meaning that Ether is as valid as people can recognize and use its programming vehicle and so far it is doing good in promising to reshape how contracts are done in the future. Ethereum is seen as the top competition for Bitcoin.


1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the oldest form of cryptocurrency available in the market, introduced in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto and managed to blow people’s minds off with its blockchain technology that has inspired and led to more advancement and innovation in the tech world. Being a pioneer is not the only reason bitcoin makes this list, it’s more about its longevity and its built up value over time.

This one is an expected pick on this list and bitcoin has scared its investors hits market hits and have survived and is still going nonetheless which leaves a marvel. Of all the cryptocurrency options available, bitcoin is the most accepted by businesses for transactions and that helps to add to its perceived value. Whether or not cryptocurrency exists in a bubble is yet to be known, but bitcoin seems to have the toughest skin of the pack.



In conclusion, cryptocurrency is a very volatile market and market predictions are based on personal research and findings, it is important that everyone does their research before investing or going along with any predictions.