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    There are many places where one could put their mailbox. The classic position is mounting it on a pole in the front lawn, near the curb so it is easily accessible to the mail man. Whereas some people prefer to have the wall mounted variants of the mailbox.


If you choose to mount your mailbox on a pole that is planted in the ground, then you have to decide between mounting it on an arm protruding from the vertical mailbox post, or alternatively from the side of the mailbox post or mounted on the top of the mailbox post. If you intent to change the placement of the mailbox then make sure you contact the US Postal Service, moving the mailbox needs permission.


In order to make a decision with selecting a good mailbox, you have to first think about the size of the mailbox. This also directly affects its placement as well, although there are no rules. Size of the mailbox is directly linked to the mail you get, if you’re used to getting big packages then it may be wise to invest in a larger sized mailbox to according to your mail.


If you have no particular type of mail that you get, and are looking for a nice blending of design elements then it would be wise to go for a smaller box in that case. It is considered good practice and take the measurements of the mailbox you are considering and taping off the potential placement spot with some masking tape. It will allow you to do a spatial analysis of sorts.


As for the color of the mailbox, most homeowners go for black. It is a classic color and moreover it is safe in terms of themes and décor. Another approach is to match the colors of your mailbox with the colors of your home. This allows a seamless integration to occur without the fear of anything standing out of the ordinary. Another option is copper, it works very well if you have copper flashing or gutters.


The shape and the design of the mailbox also goes into account, in all essence it is a box for collecting your mail. But it also serves as a decoration piece and has to match with the décor of the place. The Victorian style and the Americana styles are the most popular choices. Though in these days the leek and clean modern variant of the mailboxes are quickly gaining popularity among homeowners.


In the event of post mounted mailboxes, it is important to make sure that the mailbox goes along with the mailbox post. The focus should be on the box itself, so a plain mailbox post works wonderfully.


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