Single Serve Brewer Buying Guide

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Why you need a single coffee brewer?

Enjoy these benefits from a single cup coffee maker: No waste for if you live alone; this is going to be the best option to save money. It is most convenient to brew a cup of coffee as all you do is to insert your favorite coffee pod and there is your coffee!


You also save lots of time in the cleaning process as all you have to take care of the drip tray if there is something spilled on it. Depending on the designs of the manufacturer, your coffee machine will have several options of coffee brewing so you can have a huge pod collection to choose from.


Factors to consider before purchasing your best coffee maker

1. Brands and types

There are different types of one cup coffee maker that can give you different types of coffee. For standard purposes, the common machines would do the job.


2. Brewing methods’ compatibility

Before the purchase, you also consider the aspect of compatibility. In some cases, a fresh-ground coffee powder is used instead of coffee pods.


3. Capacity of water reservoir

If you are looking for the convenience of your single coffee server, confirm the amount of water needed to fill up the reservoir space.


4. Size of brewing and controls

Get the machine that allows you to brew coffee using different amount, like 6oz or 8oz It is even more convenient if the machine has adjustable sizes for brewing.


5. Coffee brewing control

There are a few factors that can affect the quality of the coffee/espresso that’s made. Get a machine that has an option to select the strength of the coffee.


6. Cost of the operating machine

The price is an important factor to consider when buying a coffee maker. Even if you are purchasing a low-budget machine, you need to make sure that the prices do not exceed your actual budget or the maker does not have quality.


Way to clean a single coffee maker

Unplug the machine and remove all its removable pieces. Using a moistened microfiber cloth, you clean the complete machine exterior and dry all those pieces that were washed. When all pieces are dry, reassemble the machine. Fill tank reservoir of your single serve coffee maker with water the water tank reservoir of your single serve coffee maker then add one-half cup of white vinegar and another one-half cup of cold water.


Turn the machine on and allow it to run a cycle without putting in a K cup. Pour out all the solution and repeat the process until you no longer smell the water and vinegar inside the water tank. After filling the tank full of fresh, cold water, let it run again an entire cycle minus the K cup. Discard the water and repeat until you can no longer smell the vinegar.


There are numerous reasons for getting a single cup coffee maker; It saves both time and money that you would otherwise spend in a café. Single coffee makers are easy to use and uncomplicated; it gets you a hot cup of coffee without any mess.


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