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Coolest and Biggest Part of 1980s

Some day’s people just want to escape the world with songs on their playlists. Or by playing the guitar on an otherwise ordinary day with friends. Or even when you are doing the same mundane things on a Monday morning. Whatever it is, music is undeniably part of your daily life and for good reason. And then the rest wants to stick to chilling with the boombox, 90’s and 80’s style.


Clear Audio

If you do not consider yourself as an audio nerd, you may have a hard time distinguishing the difference in how they sound but the mini systems, are god’s gift to your ears. Enough watts are needed because watts are essential for measuring power. Fifty watts per channel, for example, would be ideal for your home entertainment and about a hundred for the party days or a DIY theater arrangement.


Dolby B or C noise Reduction

Unique circuits are required to lower background noise when playing cassette tapes. The cassette feature is useless without this.


Dual-cassette drives. Almost all systems have this with an almost guaranteed “high-speed tape dubbing” to produce copies from one tape to another fast enough. If you are the type who like to do copying of cassette tapes a lot, this would be the best feature for you. Do not forget the auto reverse if you are fond of cassettes. If you go for the least expensive systems, you may not find this there at all.


Impressive -way Speakers

For each speaker, there are several other unique parts to allow you to play it in different ranges: low would be bass or woofer. Middle and you would find treble or tweeter for the high notes. It also includes sub-woofer which (you guessed it right) is very low. Comparing speakers would be a little hard though, but if you get enough watts, there is a good chance that you will also score the speaker that goes with playing it well, right sound and all.


Remember the presets. There are about fifty stations in total but memorizing all of them is not necessary. Ten is honestly more than enough and you would probably even go overboard with that.


There is a spectrum analyzer for boomboxes and most people don’t realize how it manages frequency control so they never touch it, but this is important too. Then there are your digital signal processors or DSP, computer chips that would make it seem like you are in a concert hall. Think Wembley and all that jazz.


Finally, it also includes the karaoke. Sing along sessions, alone or with the alcohol. Enough said.

On a serious note, when you shop for this, make sure that it has all the important features and sound is important, because otherwise what’s the point? Get that boombox now. You know you want to.


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