Camping Tents Buying Guide

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    Whether you want to go camping or just want to spend some good old fashion time in the words, tents are the go to option for every. There are quite a few different kinds of tents available with their own unique features and benefits that are ideal for different seasons and purposes.

Types of tents available

There are five basic categories of tents that you can find in the market.

  •    Summer/Screen
  •    Three-Season
  •    Convertible
  •    Mountaineering/Winter
  •    Tarp



When the hot summer weather has got you down, these tents are used to get ventilation and protects you from disease or infections against bugs. Summer tent have a greater capacity to handle the weather changes from moderate breezes to summer thunderstorms.These tents are well known for their airflow and open doors with nylon windows.


Three Season

Three Season tents are widely used in summer, spring and fall.These tents are designed to be light-weight and keep you protected from heavy rain and the wind. Open mesh walls and lots of vents allow air to flow freely for maximum ventilation.



Convertible tents are based on hybrid design. Convertible tents are frequently in use by campers. Since they are more portable and provide adequate protection against storms.



Mountaineering or winter tents, as the name implies, are used in harsh and cold conditions.It is made up of hard fabric, powerful pole structure and loops are fixed in different dimensions.They have low-slab like shape to keep you safe from the wind and generally have large entrances for gear storage.



Tarp is a large flexible, strong and waterproof nylon or polyester material tent that is used along with the trees, roots, lodge, slab, plod or trekking poles. Tarps generally don’t provide walls or floors and insects protections but if set up properly they do provide better weather resistance.


Peak height

If you want to feel free as well as being able to stand, change clothes or just want more space, then peak height tents are what you need. Peak height tents as the name implies, they have a larger height making it ideal for people that want more mobility.


Cabin Style Tents

Cabin style tents are tall and spacious. The perfect selection for the whole family. Cabin style tents are in many various styles with vertical walls and curved poles. They are long lasting, very large and have divider room setup along with gateways.


Dome Style Tents

Dome style tents are designed while keeping the stability in mind, they are able to sustain the higher wind pressure and have the ability to relocate easily.


Tent floor length

Floor length measurements are also very important. If you are tall enough and need more space than, chose the tent having floor length of 90 inches instead of traditional 84 inches tent.


Tent Doors

Another important key point is selecting your tent door, according to what you want to use it for.If you are on a trip with the family, then you must go for cabin style tent or have more doors, windy along with bathroom breaks.You must also keep in mind that the tent you choose must have an easy opening and closing zip style.



Ventilation is crucial when you’re looking for the right tent.Mesh panels are mostly used at the doors and windows of the tents.This will keep the cross ventilation in balance and enhance it especially when you use these tents in hot and humid weathers.


Tent poles

Tent poles make your work easy to find the pitch and hardness of the tent’s structure.Tent poles help you to keep the tent balance more stable.The big deal of using tent pole is that you are free to move your tent in various dimensions and locations.You can easily remove the dirt while keeping it down.


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