Power Pole Saw Buying Guide

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What pole saw can do for you?

Pole saw is a great tool to use in trimming and pruning trees and large shrubs for you do not need to use extra efforts in trying to reach those tall trees and large shrubs. It works much like a pole chain saw especially a powered pole saw and goes a long way to manage those branches and shrubs.


Types of pole saw

Get to know these different types to get a better idea what to look when you consider buying one.


  • Manual pole saws have the lowest price as they are operated manually and although they are hard on the arms, but with curved blades, they are easier to use.
  • Electric pole saw types come in many different styles but mush similar to a small chainsaw on a pole powered by electric. For various uses and convenience, you can detach the head so you can use this tool in various situations.
  • Cordless pole saws are used battery operated using rechargeable batteries; otherwise more expensive compared with other types, they are typically easier to use.
  • Gas powered pole trimmer pole saws aren’t the best type to use as designed to be fuel efficient which is a great plus but there are other issues to settle first.


Advantages to look for in a best electric pole saw

Look for convenience when you purchase an electric pole as this is one of many things to consider when you buy an electric pole saw. Look for enough power to trim and cut all the shrubs you want done as you have lots of thick branches and number of trees to trim. Look for expert advice on type model perfectly suited to your garden and yard and one good choice is to buy one with a longer bar so that you can easily reach places of tall trees.


Look for the best working height for an electric pole saw with a measurement from twelve to fifteen feet; however be wary for the height stated in the ads is not the real length of the tool and pole. Look for warranty on a pole pruner before making any choice; some have warranty from two to five years; however, always read carefully what is covered by the warranty before you make a purchase.


Models with detachable heads

One feature of the electric pole saw are detachable heads of some models which means that the cutting saw you can be used it free of the pole like a traditional chainsaw manner as some pole pruner models have heads that could be detached. Find the right kind of power pole saw and find uses for them in your garden.


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