Milk Frother Buying Guide

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Milk frother’s benefits

Enjoy a barista-quality coffee and cappuccino at home. Milk frother helps you froth milk and achieve cafe quality coffee and cappuccinos at the comfort of your home. Save money with milk frother. It’s a great investment especially if you drink several cups of coffee daily. Ingredients are cheaper compared to a cup of coffee at the cafe.


Brewing at home is a great convenience. No need for you to go to a café. You are sure of drinking quality coffee at home with whole family and friends. Versatile milk frothers can be a milk streamer; it makes milkshakes, hot cocoa & chocolate, and even tea. Just froth the milk and add on top of your desired drink. Bring fun and enjoyment in your home.


Ergonomic – Milk frother is simple to use and makes frothing a breeze. Find all the information you need in the accompanying manual. Find also accessories as well.

High performance – Most froth milk is done within a few minutes to allow you enjoy favorite milk-based drink with no time.

Easy maintenance – Cleaning is easy as components are removable.. If you want your frother to last long, you only have to keep the parts clean and all components are completely dry before placing them back in the frother.



1. Fully-automatic electric milk frother is the one-button solution for frothing. It is similar to an electric kettle for the heat source while a small stainless whisk stirs the milk.


2. Wand frothers won’t heat or steam your milk but produce great foams. They are battery-operated and serve hot milk placed on top of stove or in the microwave.


3. Stainless steel steam pitchers are “must have” if you use a traditional espresso machine with an integrated steam wand.


4. Plunger Type goes with cold milk and has a mesh stainless steel plunger that moves up and down to produce froth. For hot froth, remove the metal plunger and place the glass beaker in the microwave.



Best milk frother for you

This simple type of frother also serves a milk steamer that produces extremely consistent foam and has the perfect temperature for a cappuccino or latte and is mercifully easy to clean. It can be handheld milk frother that creates foam by spinning at high speed. For an impressive result, you have to heat the milk first.


You can get a jug style milk frother that is a combination of a spinning whisk and heating element. They come with temperature settings of different ranges.Foam volume is adjustable to your type of coffee type.


Some facts to know about milk froths

  • Better froths come from skim milk than whole milk;
  • Better froths from cold milk than warmed milk; and
  • Froth stands longer than other milk combination.


Use a hand-held or powered device to froth first for warming in microwave. Froth milk before placing inside your coffee.

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