Packing Tape Buying Guide

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Packing tape is an ordinary household item and it is unlikely that any tape you buy will go unused. However, since it is used in an extensive range of situations, consider the following when you buy.


Packing tape for gifts

The packing tape used for gifts is usually not required to be very heavy. The most important thing to consider when using it for gifts is that it looks attractive or unintrusive. The last thing you want is for the packing tape to get in the way of the gift wrapping. It should also be easy to take off, while being reasonably secure. This is because you want the packing to hold the wrapping in place without making it difficult for the gift to be opened.


Carton Sealing Tape

The tape used to pack up cardboard boxes and cartons needs to be sturdy. Since the tape serves more function than form, it should be a little heavier and more adhesive. This way, even if a box is tightly packed, it can hold everything in place without breaking apart. The carton sealing tape can also use to tape over invoices, registers and other inventory trackers to keep it organized.

If you have a lot of cartons to seal, you can buy the larger tapes which can have rolls over 100 yards long. Carton sealing tape costs between USD 10 – 20 for around 100 yards of tape.


Shipping Tape

Sending items over long distances requires specialized packing. Buy shipping tape for this, it is sturdy, highly adhesive and will provide the kind of durability your package needs. The seal tape used for shipping is sometimes also used as a way to plug up leakages and holes. It’s strength and elasticity make it a very good candidate for air or waterproofing.

You can get the tape in large quantities which is perfect if you expect to be shipping them often. Sturdy shipping tape costs between USD 10 – 30 for about 200 yards of tape.


Get a tape dispenser

It can be extremely irritating to use the seal tape if you are not very used to it. In that case, a dispenser will make things much easier. With an easy roller feature along with a saw formation to snap it. You can go about taping things at 5x the speed compared to a tape and scissors. The dispenser works with a huge range of tape sizes since the most important thing is the circular shape. It also saves you the trouble of having to find out where the tape’s end points are.


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