Mail Sorter Buying Guide

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About Mail Holders

It goes without saying that disorganized mail not only encourages an untidy living or workspace but also interferes with effective transactions. This is where the importance of mail holders comes in. Mail holders are lighter in terms of weight and are usually small in size. Since the inception of the mailbox in the mid- 19th century, mail organizers were well on their way to getting discovered. Letters piled up and out of necessity, mail organizer were invented as a letter sorting method.

If you are in the market for one, you will find that there are many options to choose from. From open frame and wall mount racks to enclosed mail organizers, each option is often suitable for a particular environment. Each type of mail holder has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Wall mount rack

For instance, wall mount racks are often considered suitable for an office environment. However, they are also very suitable when placed in the entryways of people’s homes. They provide instant organization by providing a simple storage efficiency without taking up much space.

Wall mount mail holders often come in a variety of designs. There are some, in a bid to increase versatility, that comes with hooks to hang your keys. Hence, increasing versatility and functionality.


Desktop mail organizer

Desktop mail organizers often have to be placed on the desk or on top of a functional surface area. This type of mail organizers also come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the type you settle for, you can enjoy high functionality from organizers that come with pen and phone holders. However, desktop mail holders tend to eat up the limited space of your worktop.


Classroom Keeper

For those looking for an effective classroom letter sorting system, why not consider Classroom Keepers? They can be used to sort and file other classroom materials such as books, making them versatile and practical. Each slot comes with a name tag for each student, making easy to keep track of the stored materials.



Notably, after deciding on the type of mail holder to purchase, you want to consider the material used in making it. Some are often made out of metal while others are often made out of wood or plastic. Wood and metal are more durable and aesthetically pleasing as compared to plastic. However, your choices should be determined by the purpose of the letter sorting system you’re looking for.


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