Bunk Beds Buying Guide

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What to look for in a bunk bed?

While most of the bunk beds offer the same principle of two beds on top of another, connected with stairs, there exist hundreds of different little differences and features. One of the most important things to look for is the size, both of the bunks themselves, and the size that the entire construction will take up.

Material type, quality and durability is an important issue, as well as the type and quality of the stairs. Some bunk beds come equipped with additional features, such as cupboards and wardrobes, which can be a nifty little addition to your bunk bed purchase.


Bed size

Depending on whether you are looking for children’s beds or adult-sized beds, the size of the actual beds is an important factor. While bunk beds may have become popularized in children’s size, they do come in all sizes. Larger beds are more fit when they are to be used by adults.

For example, outfitting a dormitory should require larger beds, and while it might appear to be a bigger investment, in the long run it is better since they are more versatile and can be used by people of all sizes. It is important to choose the right bed size according to your needs.


Construction size

For the room conscious, the size of the full construction is an important factor. Especially when equipping smaller rooms, or outfitting a hostel or a dormitory, interior size can be an important factor. If you are looking to fit a set amount of bunk beds in a room, it is important to consider the full size of the bunk beds, to ensure that you can fit as much as you need.



Bunk beds come in many different shapes, size and materials. Material type is an important factor as it determines both the look and strength of the bunk bed. Bunk beds usually come in wood or metal constructions, and it’s important to choose the right one that will fit your room nicely.

For general use, it is best to use metal constructions, as they have a larger weight tolerance, and you can be assured that whoever is using the bed will not have an accident due to structural failure.



There are generally two types of stairs on bunk beds ? stairs or ladders. While a proper inbuilt staircase is a great feature, these usually take up more room, so one should opt for the more common ladder type in order to save space. However, for special occasions for impaired individuals may warrant a staircase instead of a ladder in some circumstances. It is important to choose according to your needs.


Additional features

Some bunk beds come with some interesting inbuilt or removable features. While cupboards and wardrobes can be found, the most common and widely used additional accessory is a drawer case under the bottom bunk. These can be used for storage and a nice addition to any bunk bed.

If you are looking to cut costs, as well as to have better maintenance options for cleaning under the beds, it might be a good idea to opt out of any additional accessories.


What is the right bunk bed to buy?

It is important to take in all the factors into consideration when choosing a bunk bed for your needs. In general, a smaller, children’s size wooden bed is a great fit for a children’s room. Completely with nifty accessories, it can be a great addition to your kid’s room.

However, if looking to outfit a hostel or dormitory, it is a better idea to go for the simpler, larger and more sturdy metal bunk beds, to ensure years of quality use.


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