Dash-Mounted Holder Buying Guide

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Advantage of using Dash Mounted Holder

At least you are safe from the penalty of distracted driving that prohibits using cell phone while driving. A mounted holder attached to your car’s dashboard is the perfect mounting platform for your stuff. It is a reliable car phone holder that keeps your phone within reach.


Family treats on the road

With these solid mounts, family members will be able to able to load their tablet full of their latest games, movies, and TV shows and watch entertainment along the open road. This mounting solution holds devices ranging from 7 to 11 inches in size. You can use your tablet in landscape and portrait mode for its adjustable and secured arms and it can rotate. Best of all, this mount is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Find all best features on a Dash Mounted Holder

De from sturdy and durable carbon fiber, the mount is easy to install. This dashboard phone holder has a great and quick magnetic coupling to guarantee the tablet’s security when you need it. It stays secure inspite of a bumpy ride and remains steady until you arrive in your destination.

It’s quite expensive but a little extra on quality is worth spending. But it is still affordable; its simple holder enables your favorite tablet to slide into its place. You don’t need to make any adjustment. Folks who do not want plastic or metal articulated arm setups have the advantage. Best of all, you can use the tablet in landscape or portrait mode.


It’s user-friendly

To set the mount holder, start by positioning the holder, then press and it will be locked. Watch the suction cup with the durable & stronger, non-residue gel stick to the smooth, textured and clean surfaces. This phone mount for car is not affected by hot or cold temperature.

The cell phone cradle is dependable. In its holder, the adjustable arms of smartphone or GPS device in holder can be raised or lowered or rotate 360° in cradle to view favorite angle. Your device couldn’t be more secure or accessible, thanks to the adjustable arm and the ball and socket joint of the car phone holder.


More helpful features

By simply pressing the single-touch release, the device is free. Removing the holder is very easy. Simply raise the locking lever then slowly lift it up and take tab of suction cup from surface. Wash the glass or dashboard occasionally by rinsing with light gel and slightly warm water. By air drying, the cup stickiness will be restored to factory condition.


Why use Dash Mounted Holder

Dashboard phone holder grips securely the dash board or windshield. You can easily reach your cellphone, GPS. Mobile or smartphone or GPS and they are safe from fall off! The easily adjusted grip and the single-touch release cradles the dash without scratching it. Added usability is provided by fold-out shelves.


The adjustable arm of this cell phone holder makes viewing and accessing your phone easier and safer than ever! And you’ll love how the rotating head swivels 360° so you can find your perfect spot. It’s 30-Day Money Back Guarantee lets you buy with confidence. You’ll love your phone mount for car, especially with world-class customer support team to back you up.


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