Car Locking Device Buying Guide

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Types of car anti-theft devices

There are two main car anti theft device categories. One category covers devices that are designed specifically to disable the car entirely when stolen. This immediately reduces its level of attractiveness for those who are out to steal it. They won’t be able to make money off of it.

Another category uses advanced devices that increase protection through different features such as being able to trace a stolen car. Let’s take a look at the various car security devices under both categories.


Car steering wheel locks

Steering wheel lock bars are without a doubt one of the more popular options for car owners. Steering wheel lock bars are simple to install and the car wheel lock is quite effective. The device is placed over the steering wheel and it locks it down totally. Nobody can drive the car until car wheel lock has been removed.

You will find many several of car steering wheel locks. One type can fit in the steering wheel’s rim. It can be extended and the handle can be locked in place on both sides around the rim of the steering wheel. Note that the sizes and types may vary.


Hood Lock

This is another popular security device. The device will lock down the hood so the thief cannot open up the hood and then steal the car parts. The locks are placed on both sides of the hood. The locks are just like hood pins often found on muscle cars. But they’re not exactly the same. They need to key to be opened. You can be sure that your battery and engine is safe with a hood lock.


Tire Lock

A tire lock ensures the tires don’t move unless the locks have been opened. This takes the level of security to a whole new level as the car cannot be budged at all. This method is usually used by police departments to immobilize a car, especially when a parking offense has been committed. But this is a great device to prevent your car from being stolen.


Electronic Immobilizers

Clicking on an electronic immobilizer will immediately lock down a car to ensure it cannot start without a key. The fuel system is locked down as is the engine. This is a unique system that provides reasonable amount of security for your car.


Car Alarm

The most popular form of car theft prevention is an alarm system. Alarms will let you know when someone breaks the glass on your car, or tries to open it with a wrong key or perhaps if someone has just fallen on it accidentally. Although the chances of false alarms are high, this is a great way of protecting your car as other people are also aware of the situation at the time of its occurrence.


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