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Woe to the person with stinky feet

No person is born with natural stinky feet as it is not hereditary. the problem is not the feet – it’s what the feet are wearing. Feet turn odorous due to lack of air ventilation. Each of your foot has more than 250,000 sweat glands that are creating over than one pint of sweat each day. Imagine that amount of moisture pressing against your feet!


Cause of stinky feet? Blame the bacteria and many others!

It is not the sweat that causes the foot odor. On your skin are bacteria that eat the feet’s sweat and produce the isovaleric acid that is causing the foul odor. A skin infection also known as Athlete’s Foot that is caused by a fungus is also a source of odorous feet.


Other causes of odorous feet include some prescribed medications, certain diseases, sloppy hygiene, hard environments, using cheap kind of shoes and wearing the same shoes all the time. Take a bath daily and if you already experienced history of foot odor, use anti-bacterial soap to clean your feet thoroughly.


Rules for a smelly feet cure to get rid of smelly feet fast

Wear shoes that are well-made having breathable features, as leather uppers or athletic shoes that has mesh uppers.

Wear socks that ensure ventilation as made with moisture-wicking fibers or copper, wool, cool max.

Wash yourself daily and if you experience foot odor history always use anti-bacterial soap to wash your feet every day.

Wear shoes based on the occasion and place. Too much sweat will increase foul odor of your feet, so refrain from wearing thick socks, boots and pants if you know the temperature will be not. Buy shoe odor spray and use excessively.


Everyday do not use the same shoes. Have different kinds of high-quality shoes so each pair of shoes enjoys 24 hours rest before they are worn again. Do not be ashamed of your odorous feet – always keep your feet clean, cool and dry and to prevent bad odor, use shoe deodorizer.


Mind your stinky feet

Use antifungal foot soap to wash your feet and bathe every day to eliminate bacteria and odor. Useful for your feet are: antibacterial foot powder, including cream and spray for Athlete’s Foot and antifungal spray inside your shoes. For an easy and clean way to smelly feet cure, keep your shoes dry and to be odor-free, put shoe inserts inside your shoes after you wear them.


Anti-odor or anti-microbial top covers are used to help get rid of smelly feet. A great remedy for smelly feet cure that many people resort to are perspiration absorbent foot bed liners as well as shoe odor spray.


Diet affects stinky feet

The Institute for Integrative Podiatric Medicine explains the relationship of diet and foot odor. High refined carbohydrate diets are the fave food of your body’s bacteria and fungus that give rise to discharge phenomenon. Foot odor sufferers must eat anti-inflammatory foods; reduce alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking to minimize perspiration and reduce foot odor.

If the many different foot odor remedies do not work for you, consult a podiatrist for a thorough diagnosis.


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