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Bad odor in the environment is like living in the garbage bin and makes your lives uncomfortable and miserable. It is worse when your family member is not aware of his/her offensive foot smell. Use foot odor control like an effective shoe deodorizer that can eliminate foul odor fast.

We announce latest rankings of best Foot Odor Control. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss Foot Odor Control Buying Guide also.

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FineVine TeaTree Oil Foot & Shoes Deodorizer
Looking for effective ways to combat smelly feet and inhibit bacteria growth? If so, then FineVine Organics all natural foot deodorant is the way to go. Forget about smelly feet. Forget about stinky shoes! Enjoy long lasting foot freshness with this odor remover spray.
  • Kills odor causing bacteria in shoes.
  • Helps softens dry, cracked feet.
  • Natural effective ingredients.
FineVine Tea Tree Oil Foot & Shoes Deodorizer Foot Odor Control
Gold Bond 01710 Medicated Foot Powder, 10 oz
Gold Bond 01710 Medicated Foot Powder is specially formulated to relieve foot itch. This maximum strength Gold Bond foot powder cools and soothes your feet, leaving them fresh and odor free.
  • Absorbs excess moisture.
  • Controls foot odor.
  • Contains a medically proven ingredient.
Gold Bond 01710
Lumi Extra Strength Foot Odor Eliminator
Lumi Extra Strength Foot Odor Eliminator is perfect for running, soccer, football, baseball, hiking, and climbing shoes. It has an all natural formula with no harsh chemicals. It keeps your shoes and feet smelling great all day.
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States.
  • Essential oils with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Maximum strength.
Lumi FBA_LYSB013TSRYUS-SPRTSEQIP smelly feet cure
Dr. Scholl's Soothing Foot Powder, 7-oz.
Dr. Scholl's Soothing Foot Powder helps keep feet dry, comfortable and refreshed. It absorbs excess moisture that can breed athlete's foot. Its container has a convenient twist top to reveal holes for easy spraying.
  • Contains a special cooling ingredient.
  • Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.
  • Helps neutralize foot odor.
Dr. Scholl's Soothing Foot Powder shoe deodorizer
Mexsana 41100087256 Medicated Powder, 11 oz
Mexsana 41100087256 Medicated Powder absorbs moisture to relieve foot discomfort. It smells lightly of camphor and eucalytus. One bottle lasts a long time. It is also a great after-shower powder.
  • Includes highly absorbent cornstarch.
  • From the maker of the Dr. Scholl's brand.
  • Helps relieve minor skin irritations.
Mexsana 41100087256
Elite Sportz Shoe & Foot Spray Deodorizer
This all natural shoe deodorizer is not just a foot spray: it's also a moisturizer that goes to work controlling odors and promoting healthier feet. It contains 7 pure essential oils and 11 helpful herbs and botanicals that fight the foot odor-causing bacteria.
  • 100% non-toxic ingredients.
  • No aluminum.
  • No parabens.
Elite Sportz Shoe & Foot Spray Deodorizer
On Your Toes OYT Foot Bactericide Powder
One tube of On Your Toes OYT Foot Bactericide Powder will treat up to three pairs of shoes for six months. Its unique 'Microfined' bactericide formula is absorbed into the pores of your footwear, preventing further bacterial growth for at least six months.
  • Eliminates foot odor for at least six months.
  • Podiatrist recommended foot powder.
  • Aluminum free.
On Your Toes OYT shoe odor spray
Sprayzee FBA_SP Natural Foot Odor Eliminator
Sprayzee FBA_SP Natural Foot Odor Eliminator contains the highest concentration of essential oils out of all their competitors, but they use the highest therapeutic grade oils available. They source straight from the farm.
  • No chemicals.
  • No fillers.
  • No compromises.
Sprayzee FBA_SP
Gold Bond 41167011003 Medicated Powder, 10oz
Gold Bond 41167011003 Medicated Powder is medicated to work hard in relieving skin discomforts. After shower, bath, exercise, apply Gold Bond body powder for deodorant protection. It absorbs excess moisture.
  • Stop itch.
  • Cool & soothe skin.
  • With finest powder and essential oils.
Gold Bond 41167011003 foot odor remedies
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Foot Odor Control Buying Guide

 Woe to the person with stinky feet

No person is born with natural stinky feet as it is not hereditary. the problem is not the feet – it’s what the feet are wearing. Feet turn odorous due to lack of air ventilation. Each of your foot has more than 250,000 sweat glands that are creating over than one pint of sweat each day.