All-Purpose Household Cleaner Buying Guide

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Know your all-purpose cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is an agent that cleanses; usually come in liquid form and has the tough job of removing from the surface all the dirt, grime, oil, mud and stains. Some all-purpose cleaners need to be diluted in water, some are scrubbed and rinsed while others utilize a simpler spray and wipe. The result is a sparkling and clean environment.


Ingredients of general purpose cleaner

General-purpose cleaners are often water-based are frequently packaged in a trigger-spray bottles for fast and easy application. Although there are so many kinds of formulation of general purpose cleaners, almost all have in common one or more of the following types of ingredients:


Surfactant solution for cleaning emulsifies greasy soils, lifts the dirt away and wets surfaces. Solvents are water soluble organic compound that dissolves soils.


Chelants are materials that bind with metal ions in a solution; like calcium and magnesium usually found in soap scum. Builders are adjusted pH that optimizes cleaning performance and contributes to suspending soils.


Tough job for multi-purpose cleaner

A general purpose cleaning solution is multi-purpose cleaner capable of handling a greasy stovetop, a grimy kitchen, spotty bathroom sink, a crumbly dusty kitchen counter, dirty fingerprints on walls and muddy floors. In addition to fulfill such heavy duty, many general purpose cleaners also served as disinfectants to kill bacterial and microorganisms trying to find its way around the house that gives the house a clean and healthy environment that’s more than meets the eye.


Go green with all-purpose cleaner

Helping the environment is one of general cleaner’s purposes as it contains only biodegradable cleaning agents. To maximize packaging and reduce solid waste, only dilatable products and refillable/re-useable packaging are being brought to the market. In addition, most general purpose cleaners are packed with some recycled content and/or packaging which itself is recyclable.


Versatile multi-purpose cleaner will handle any mess

Say good-bye to houseful mess, no need to worry figuring what kind of cleaner to get rid of this mess. You can grab any bottle knowing it will tackle the kind of mess it has to clean so you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your weekend.

It sounds like a wonder product that is for all purpose cleaner (or multi-purpose cleaner) that typically eliminates all the hassles associated with cleaning. No reason to buy five separate bottles of cleaning products that are expensive when just one bottle can do the entire job. No need to worry if it is the right kind of cleaner, just spray away. Think of how much multi-purpose cleaner can do for you?


Types of household cleaning products

Cleaning house is the cleaning of surfaces to include appliances, floors, rugs, walls and windows. Not considering rugs and upholstery, almost all household surfaces are solid. Technically, household cleaning is actually “hard surface cleaning.


These products include the Abrasive Cleaners; All-purpose Cleaners; Bleaches; Bathroom; Glass and Kitchen Cleaners; Disinfectants & Disinfectant Cleaners; Liquids; Metal Cleaners; Scouring Pads; and Specialty Cleaners.


There is not a single product that gives the optimum performance on cleaning solid surfaces and all soils. Thus, there are all kinds of household cleaners found in the marketplace. Depending on their different uses in the house, they have the formulation to clean efficiently and conveniently.


Some are designed and worked better for more general use, such as, all-purpose cleaner while others are designed as it work best specific types of surfaces and/or soils. So you have many options to maintain your spic and span home!


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