Coffee Scoop Buying Guide

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Dig your coffee using right measurements

You get the right blend and flavor using a coffee scoop. In fact, this is the first measuring device. Two tablespoons of coffee is equivalent to one coffee scoop level which is approximately 0,36 ounces or 10 grams. So for every 6 fluid ounces of water, you need one scoop of ground coffee or two tablespoons of the same.


Coffee scoop and coffee spoon

Coffee scoop is not the only measurement; there is also the coffee spoon. However, it is always good to be on the right track.. The coffee scoop is for coffee and a spoon is for ice cream. In measurement they differ, one coffee scoop holds two table spoons so the former is bigger. But in your kitchen, one is just as useful as the other.


Starbucks and Barista use different coffee scoops

Just wondering, how many coffee scoops are needed for these special types of in Starbuck or Barista. A shot of pure coffee make a strong and bitter Espresso. For the faint-hearted drinker, try Americano, a blending of water and espresso. The perfect fix of milk and espresso is Capuccino that is also the most familiar type in many coffee shops. To lighten the strong taste of espresso try Latte that features both froth and steamed milk. For those who love choco and coffee, Mocha is their taste of pure heaven. For all those who want to a coffee break this summer, take a cup of Frappe with some ice to keep a cool front.


For that perfect coffee scoop

What is the perfect size to scoop your coffee! There is a coffee spoon that is for the serious coffee lover. For measuring the right coffee bean or espresso, you need the correct right size of coffee measuring scoop. Incidentally, If you are thinking of the right gift for coffee drinkers, coffee scoops are best gifts on their special days. They will use it frequently when brewing coffee at home. If you think that your gift needs a partner, pair with coffee maker or a unique handmade pottery. Coffee scoop and modern porcelain pottery will enhance the receiver’s coffee drinking experience.


Where to buy

Coffee scoop is just a small item but it is a worthy member of your kitchen gadgets. You can find all sorts of coffee measuring scoops in the Kitchen Department of Home Stores or purchase online from or similar out lets. These scoops are awesome and will surely add sunshine to your morning coffee. They are made of stainless steel or porcelain and other durable materials with the most ingenious designs. Coffee measurements are even some sold as sets for complete coffee preparation. You can buy a set, one for coffee and the other for baking.


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